Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 10

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Jogger  (Rachelle Williams)   498

Rachelle is simply jogging along a trail when she bunders into a mud pit.

Samantha's Muddy Webcam  (Samantha Grace)   500

Samantha does a webcan routine using a mud pit as a location.


Fate of the Mutineer  (NormaGee) 501

NormaGee is a mutinous pirate. Since the pirates are swamp pirates and don't have a plank to walk, or a ship to walk the plank from, the use quicksand to get rid of those who won't follow orders.


Execution by Quicksand_Nyssa  (Nyssa Nevers)  502

Nyssa is to be executed for the heinous crime of exposing her shoulders. She is given one request prior to execution and she shocks the executioner by requesting to take her top off. The request is granted.


Two Hikers  (Brinke Stevens and Debbie Paige)  503

Brinke is hiking and encounters Debbie stuck and panicky in a peat bog. She tries to help but in the end falls in herself.

Rite of Passage_Katie   (Katie)  504

To become a full member of the tribe, Katie must undergo a special test. First she has to render herself unconscious by jabbing herself with a dart coated with nt venom and toxic plant saps. Then she must survive a life-threatening situation she will encounter when she wakes up. Being rather brazen she asks for a double dose and then jabs herself in her breast.


Lucid Dream No. 2_LiiLii   (LiiLii)   505

LiiLii starts having wardrobe malfunctions while at the office. Her boss even walks in on her although he does not seem to notice she is topless. Eventually she heads outside to find a pit of mud to play in after she realizes she is dreaming.


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