Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 11

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Prison Escape_Stefani and Stormy, starring Stefani Jaymes and Stormy Night   506

Stef and Stormy escape from prison, but they don't really get away.


First and Final Contact, starring Brinke Stevens   507

Brinke comes to the Earth looking for males of the sentient species, since on her home planet all the males have died off. She has no idea what the sentient species might look like however, but what she finds seems pleasurable enough.

Lucid Dream 19, starring Stefani Jaymes   508

Stafani starts to go to work, oddly wearing a robe. When she takes off the robe to enter her car she is wearing a naughty nurse outfit - not appropriate for work. She goes inside to change but experiences more odd changes of wardrobe until she realizes it is a dream. She then heads outside to see what happens and suddenly encounters a spear-carrying warrior of some sort. He does not say much and is unseen by the camera but he seems to want her to go somewhere. Eventually they arrive at a peat bog. She figures out he wants her to get in it and sink, and she does so quite willingly. HOT!!!

Rite of Passage_Dixie, starring Dixie Comet   509

Dixie reports to the medicine man for her initiation into full tribal membership. She must face an unknown, life-threatening situation and survive.

Lucid Dream1_Violetta, starring Violetta   512

Violetta eventually figures out it is a dream when she has a series of wardrobe malfunctions while driving down an unknown dirt road.

Orange Bog Orchid_Kerri, starring Kerri Taylor   510

Kerri tries to collect a rare orchid she discoveres growing in a bog.

Execution by Quicksand_Savannah, starring Savannah Costello   511

Savannah faces execution by quicksand.

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