Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 12

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Jealousy, starring Stefani Jaymes and Savannah Costello   513

Stefani and Savannah have been friends, and rivals, since forever, and Stefani always wins. This time, however, Savannah is determined to finally win by, well, killing Stef by quicksand. Who will win this time, if anyone?

Gumball_Hannah, starring Hannah Perez   514

Hannah is warned not to use the gumball machine but cannot resist. Suddenly she is in the jungle and keeps running into a very strange medicine man.

Stark Raving, starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams  515

Brinke and Rachelle go to a rave. Or they think they have gone to a rave.

Blowgun_SassySami, starring Sassy Sami   516

Sassy is rendered unconscious by a poisoned blowgun dart. When she wakes up she is suspended by her wrists over a quicksand bog.

Lucid Dream 1_Angelique, starring Angelique Kithos   517

Angelique starts having wardrobe malfunctions while driving down an unknown dirt road. She eventually takes advantage when she realizes it is a dream.

Blad the Sinker, Starring Natalie Minx and Nixon   518

Blad is assisted by his accomplice Natalie in taking Nixon to a quicksand pit and sinking her. Natalie finds it all very arousing until Blad decides to sink her too.

Das Boots_LiiLii, starring LiiLii   519

While hiking, LiiLii discovers a pair of boots stuck an inch or so in a oeat bog. She just HAS to have those boots.

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