Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 13

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Execution_Stefani, starring Stefani Jaymes   520

Stefani plays a primitive facing execution by quicksand. When the scene opens she has her back to the mire and is dressed in a sort of sarong. After some mumbo jumbo from an off-camera voice, the sorong is pulled off. After a pause and some more magic words, her arms are pulled out to the sides by ropes. Then after another pause and more magic words, the ropes are drawn backwards causing her to fall into the mud. Oddly, she seems to enjoy the whole thing from that point to her submergence. Or, should we say, submergences.

Hide and Seek, starring NormaGee    521

The camera plays the role of some sort of stalker following NormaGee as she moves through the jungle, apparently conscious that someone is following her and apparently alarmed. She walks around a bog but the camera tries to cut across and the stalker is stuck. NormaGee then reappears and taunts the stalker. She even disrobes, enters the bog, and crosses the bog to be only inches away from the stalker's face (the lens). The stalker is pushed under at the end.

A Few Leftover Parts, starring Brittany and Stefani Jaymes   522

Fred has just assembled a new brittanybot and a new Stefanibot, although a few parts are leftover, and takes them for a test; a walk in the forest. All goes well until one of them spots a squirrel with a hickory nut. The other says no, the squirrel has an acorn. From that point on its a catfight and the two bots run off. They soon fall into the quicksand pit. Eventually Fred arrives and they reluctantly cooperate with each other in order to escape the mire.

Dixie's Muddy Webcam, starring Dixie Comet   523

Dixie does a webcam routine in a mudpit.

Drunk_Samantha, starring Samantha Grace   524

Samantha has gotten extremely drunk and they have taken away her car keys, so she tries to walk home.

Das Boots_Sara, starring Sara James   525

Sara plays a hiker who comes upon a pair of boots stuck a few inches deep in a bog. She has to have those boots but they seem to be almost rooted.

Criminals #4, starring Brinke Stevens and Debbie Paige   526

In this spoof of the TV show "Cops," the cameraman goes along on a caper with two habitual criminals. In this episode Brinke and Debbie are trespassers looking for a still.

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