Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 14

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Reading Room_Sacrifice_Kerri, starring Kerri Taylor   527

Kerri arrives at the JungleLand Reading Room and begines reading a story involving a quicksand sacrifice. Suddenly she is IN the story, standing ankle deep in a bog with her hands tied behind her back. Its no nightmare, however.

Dr. Boggs_Jordana, starring Jordana Leigh   528

Jordana goes to a dental surgeon for a root canal. She declines the medicine intended to prevent vivid dreams while under anesthesia. Needless to say she has a vivid dream and it involves quicksand.

The Last Woman on Earth, starring Brinke Stevens   529

By a quirk of fate, Brinke believes she is the sole surviving memver of the human race after the Earth is hit with a burst of gamma rays. She has decided to end it all if she finds no one after one year, and this is day 365. Once in the quicksand, however, she finds it an entertaining companion.

Chrissy's Sink Tease, starring Chrissy Daniels   530

Chrissy does her interpretation of a simultaneous strip tease and sink tease.

Jungle Execution_Hannah, starring Hannah Perez   531

Hannah faces an execution by quicksand. Forced to stand with her back to the pit, she is disrobed, her hands pulled out to the sides, and then forced to fall backwards into the mire. She does not seem to mind very much.

Justice Can Be Muddy, starring Natalie Minx   533

Natalie kills her no good, drunken husband in a domestic dispute. She then tries to get rid of the body in the quicksand behind the trailer park. A hand reaches up, grabs her, and pulls her in.

Rite of Passage_Crystal, starring Crystal Frost   535

Crystal is a member of a primitive tribe and must face a rite of passage to become a full member. She must stick herself with a dart coated with ant venoms. This causes her to become unconscious and when she wakes up she will face a life-threatening situation. To pass she must simply survive.

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