Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 15

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Dr. Boggs_LiiLii, starring LiiLii   534

LiiLii goes to a dental surgeon for a root canal. After declining the medication used to suppress vivid dreams while anesthesia she, obviously, has a vivid dream. And it involved quicksand.

Jungle Fever_Hannah, starring Hannah Perez   532

Hannah is very sick and delerious with a fever. Suddenly she finds herself wandering in the jungle. Her clothing makes no sense and it keeps changing. She falls into quicksand. Will she go under (die from the fever) or survive? Or some of both?

Lucid Dream No.22, starring Stefani Jaymes   536

Stefani takes out the trash and finds herself locked out of the house. The other door is locked also. Then she starts having wardrobe malfunctions. She returns to the front door and finds it now open but when she goes into she is suddenly almost naked. Realizing it is a dream she goes outside again to see what happens and is suddenly captured by a spear-carrying primitive of some kind. He seem to want her to go somewhere. Soon they are at a pit of quicksand and it is apparent he wants her to get in it. She does and not all that unwillingly either. After all its HER dream.

Kerri's Muddy Webcam, starring Kerri Taylor   537

Kerri does her interpretation of a webcam routine at a peat bog.

Lucid Drean No.2_Dixie, starring Dixie Comet   538

Dixie is at work, for Mr Fred. She has a wardrobe malfunction that briefly exposes a breast and realizes she is lucky Mr Fred did not walk in on her at the time. She has another malfunction and then another. Fred Fred DOES walk in on her but rather oddly fails to notice she is completely topless. Once she realizes it is a dream she walks right into Mr. Fred's office, topless, to tell him off before heading out to the swamp to find some mud. Mr Fred walks in on her again while she is in the mud and she figures she is very fired, but he gives her a raise instead. After all, it IS a dream!

Pirateland Execution_Kindle, starring Kindle   539

Kindle is a visitor to Psychic World JungleLand and enters the region called PirateLand. She is promptly captured the head pirate and the moronic helper Clem. She would normally have her walk the plank, but since they have no ocean, no ship, and no plank they force her to fall into a quicksand pit instead. But first they ask if she has any last request. Actually she has a series of last requests and they all involve either removing her clothing or having her hands tied behind her back.

Hidden Jungle, starring Brittany   540

Brittany is hurrying through the jungle and encounters a pit of quicksand.

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