Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 16

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Lucid Dream No.4_Brittany and Savannah, starring Brittany and Savannah Costello   541

Savannah finds herself on a trail and encounters Savannah. She asks why Savannah is nearly naked. Savannah replies by asking her why SHE is nearly naked. After all its HER dream. They finds sme quicksand and have a good time.

Jungle Fever_Angelique, starring Angelique Kithos   542

Angelique is very sick and delerious with a fever. Suddenly she is wandering in the jungle and her clothing keeps changing. She falls into quicksand. When she go under (die from the fever) or will she survive? Or part of both?

The Spa, starring Dixie Comet and Crystal Frost   543

Crystal is a "therapist at a spa and Dixie is a client. They go to a mud bath in the forest and both get in. Dixie is skeptical but she gets in. After some time in the mud Crystal tries to activate a machine that will give Dixie the experience of being sucked under, but the machine seems to malfunction and they are both pulled under, with Crystal panicky and Dixie delighted. After the machine shuts off and they pop back up, Dixie has Crystal turn the machine on again for a second dunking.

Reading Room Sacrifice_Hannah, starring Hannah Perez   544

Hannah plays a visitor to Psychic World JungleLand. When she comes to the reading room she starts to read a story involving a quicksand sacrifice. Soon she is IN the story.

Das Boots_Samantha, starring Samantha Grace   545

Samantha plays a hiker who encounters a pair of bots stuck a few inches into a peat bog. She HAS to have those boots but they seem firmly rooted in the bog.

Julie's Night Photo Shoot, starring Julie Simone   546

Julie plays herself as a model who goes to Studio 588 for a night time, quicksand-themed photo shoot. This is the video taken during that actual photo shoot. The images shown here are from the stills taken during the shoot and represent a slightly different camera angle than the video.

Brittany's Muddy Webcam, starring Brittany   547

Brittany does her interpretation of a webcam routine at a peat bog.

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