Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 17

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Golddigger   548

As the scene begins, Savannah steps outside onto a porch to get some fresh air during a party. While outside she overhears an apparent domestic fight in which a female voice angrily says something like, "I don't care if you are a millionaire, you can't treat me like that." Then an angry male storms out the door, past Savannah, and off into the forest on his way home. Being a golddigger, Savannah sees her opportunity. Adjusting her, ummm, assets, she heads out to track down and seduce the rich guy. She cannot find him but she does blunder into quicksand.

Orienteering Disaster 549

The scene begins with Brinke and Debbie about to start on an orienteering course, attempting to be the first to reach a designated point on a map using a map and compass to plot their route. Unfortunately for them their chosen route takes them into a swamp. The fall in and escape from one peat bog only to promptly fall into another.


Drunk_HollyR  550

Holly staggers out of a rural bar and tries to walk home since her keys have been taken away. Needless to say, cutting across the forest is not a good idea as there is a swamp in the way. Too bad for Holly.


Blowgun Danielle 551

Danielle has gone to the jungle expecting to meet up with a photographr named Fred for a photo shoot. As usualy, howevere, the unreliable Fred has not shown up. Instead she is shot by a poisoned blowgun dart and wakes up suspended by a vine in a pit of quickclay. She is ankle-deep at this point. As she goes in and out of consciousness and a variety of reactions (mild arousal, fear, confusion, laughter) the vine stretches and she sinks deepere. Eventually the vine breaks and she goes under.

Lucid Dream2_Elvira  553

The scene begins with Elvira working in the office of Mr Fred. She begins having wardrobe malfunctions and is concerned for her job should the boss walk in on her. Then, while her top is entirely missing he does walk in on her.... but he does not seem to notice. When she realizes it is a dream she removes the top again and tell off Fred, then goes out to enjoy her dream. That means a muddy wallow, of course. See what happens when Mr Fred turns up and catches her at the mud pit.


Lucid Dream1_Nocturnal 554

The scene begins with Nocturnal driving her car down a gravel road in the countryside. She begins having wardrobe malfunctions and is quite baffled until she realizes it is a dream. At that point she decides to take full advantage. She calculates that if she walks fifty steps into the woods she will find a pit of quicksand. She enough there it is at exactly fifty steps. This scene wll be noted for some very nice closeup camera work.


Jungle Execution_Bailee  555

As the scene opens Bailee is standing with her back to a mire of clay and appears confused. We hear some strange words pronounced by some tribal medicine man and suddenly her sarong is pulled away. After some more words, her hands are drawn out to the sides by ropes and then the ropes are used to force her to fall backwards into the pit. She is frightened at first but then the erotic effects of the mire begin to take over. In the end she submerges, comes up, and submerges again



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