Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 18

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Drunk_Daisy   552

SThis is Daisy's debue with Studio 588. The plot is familiar - Daisy leaves a rural bar on foot after her keys have been taken awayfrom her. She isperfectly able to drive, she seems to think, but she turns out to be unable to stop and turn around when she gets into a pit of quicksand.

Gumball Sacrifice_Athena 556

AAthena plays a visitor to Psychic World JungleLand. Arriving at the JungleLand Bar and Grill she spots its famous gumball machine and outs a quarter in despite the caution from the ever-present Fred. Suddenly she is in the jungle, where she runs into a strange medicine man who thanks her for agreeing to be today's sacrifice. After three encounters with the medicine man she discovers herself standing ankle deep in a bog with her hands tied behind her back, and in a topless condition. She slowly sinks, going back and forth between mild alarm and arousal, eventually going under.

Rockelle's Sink tease 557

CRockelle performs her version of a strip and sink tease at the Studio claypit. Eventually she gets stuck, pleads for help, and goes under. But then she pops back up all smiles.

Das Boots_Queene 558

The plot is the familiar one of das boots. QueenE plays a hiker who disovers a pair of boots a few inches stuck in a peat bog. She just has to have them but, in the end, the bog has her

Initiation_Ashden  559

The scene starts in the forest as Ashden, who wants to join the TouchTone Club, is told what she must do for her initiation. She must stay out in the forest all night topless. She agrees to try but the bugs become very bad and she starts moving around somewhat frantically in response. Then she blunders into a mud pit. After sinking to her neck she discovers that if she stops struggling she stops sinking, though she is still stuck. Then she figures out how to get her legs up, so she is no longer stuck and she crawls out. Once out, the bugs return. To escape the bugs she gets back into the mud and has a pretty good time of it until the sun comes up. This scene also features some unusual and dramatic lighting as we turned nearly all the lights off for a while before turning them back on at a low angle for the rising sun.

Baby Oil and Mud_Monica 560

Please note that this scene has no sound. It is, however, pretty hot visually and while the lost sound would be better it is not essential to the story. The scene depicts Monica as she arrives at a peat bog, rubs herself down with baby oil, and enters the bog for an enjoyable wallow. She does a submergence, the comes up, and crawls out directly toward a very low-angle camera.

Real estate Buyer's Agent_Blair  561

This is one of those scenes that from a producer's point of view really turned out well. It was filmed as only the fifth scene done by a brand new actress (new to acting, not just to quicksand) and yet it turned out exactly as I wanted in terms of action, camera angles, intensity of expression, dialogue, and anything else I can think of. As for the plot, Blair plays a buyer's agent who is looking at a property for a client. She thinks she has the perfect property for her client until she discovers a significant wetland that runs it for the client's purpose. She calls the client to relay the bad news. A second after concluding the phone call she slips and falls into the bog. She is panicked and frightened and gradually sinks to her chin. Then she begins a desperate slog, chin deep all the way, to the side of the pit and is able to escape. Apparently she finds the experience as stimulating as it is frightening because the instant she is out she calls her own agent and orders him or her to buy the property for her own account, at any price.


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