Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 19

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Martha Escapes Again   562

The character of Martha, an inmate of an institution for the mentally ill who is obsessed with sinking herself in quicksand, was introduced several years ago and was played by Nyssa Nevers. In this episode Martha is played by Stefani Jaymes. This scene is also noteworthy as the first and only scene I can identify in which one performer plays two characters simultaneously. The scene starts out with Stefani as an orderly searching for Martha, who has escaped again and may be seeking quicksand. Later it becomes apparent that the orderly is actually Martha, as she begins rapidly transitioning back and forth between the two. In any case it was quite an acting job.

Hide and Seek_Brittany  563

I debated quite a bit on the title for this one, between "Hide and Seek" and "Stalker" but settled on the former because that was the title given to the original of this series. The scene starts out with Brittany moving cautiously through the forest, looking back frequently, aware she is being followed. Soon she moves entirely around a peat bog. The scene then changes to a POV kind of scene with the Point Of View being that of the stalker (person following her). The stalker moves art way aaround the bog but does not see it and ends up stuck. Suddenly Brittany is back and she begins to taunt and tease the stalker. She strips to the waist, gets into the bog on the side away from the stalker and gradually moves closer. The stalker does not speak but the viewer is free to do so. After all the stalker IS the viewer. By the end, Brittany is practically on top of the helpless stalker and the scene fades to black.

Gumball Escape Kindle  564

Kindle arrives at the Jungleland Bar and Grill and spots the gumball machine. Putting in a quarter in spite of being warned not to by Fred, she suddenly vanishes. She then finds herself in the jungle, wearing shackles around her neck, arms, and feet. And then she hears the bloodhounds. She tries to run but cannot do much wearing shackles. Then she falls into a peat bog. Lots of good struggling in this one and a pretty steady sink from about the waist to under.

Sadistic Prison Guard_Samantha 565

The scene starts out with Samantha searching the forest for a prisoner who has escaped. the taunts the hidng prisoner, telling her that the whipping she will get when captured will be better than being suspended over a quicksand pit until she sinks, which is what the "natives" will do to her if they catch her first. It is quite clear that Samantha is actually aroused by the latter idea. Then, Samantha is shot by a poisoned blow gun dart. When she wakes up SHE is the one suspended over the pit.

The Gun Safety Expert  567

It seems that Rachelle is the on-air host of a TV show that talks about gun and outdoor safety. Today she is recording a piece about gun safety. Part way through her presentation she makes a blunder and nearly shoots the cameraman, so the rest is filmed with the camera on a tripod and no one downrange of her weapon. Then, of course, she blunders into some quicksand. And that happens to be something she knows even less about than how to handle a firearm.

Domestic Bail 568

The scene begins with Hannah storming out of the house in a fury, yelling back at an apparent boyfriend. She is so angry she takes off the top he seems to have given her and throws it on the ground before storming off further. Even when she blunders into the quicksand she seems to think he must have put it there. This scene is a classic Hannah.

Fireworks_LiiLii  569

This scene begins with LiiLii in the kitchen but dressed to go out. Its the 4th of July. A friend calls to get her to come for the fireworks. Its already dark outside. But LiiLii declines interest. Then LiiLii removes her low-cut dress and goes out for some fireworks of her own in a peat bog. After all, if everyone ELSE is at the fireworks then no one with interrupt her at the bog. Here are some sample stills taken during filming.


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