Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 2

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Hannah's Muddy Webcam   (Hannah Perez) 455

Hannah does a webcam routine at a quicksand bog.

Drunk_Katie   (Katie) 440

Katie tries to walk home after having way too much to drink.

Schrooms   (Brinke Steevens) 442

Brinke is a biologist and discovers an unusual mushroom. Foolishly she tastes it.

Mandy's First Time   (Mandy) 445

Mandy is given a lesson in how to do a quicksnd scene.

The Treasure   (Debbie Paige) 446

Debbie has followed a treaure map and finds the treasure box hidden behind a pit of quicksand, only to discover its empty. Now she has to get back to the safe side of the pit.

Dr. Boggs_Stormy (Stormy Night)   448

Stormy goes to an oral surgeon for a root canal but declines the anti-anxiety drug that is suppopsed to help prevent odd dreams while under anesthesia.

Lucid Dream2_Stefani (Stefani Jaymes)   425

Stefani starts having serious wardrobe malfunctions while at the office, and her boss walks in on her. Very strangely, he does not seem to notice.

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