Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 20

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Deadly Raccoons   566

The scene starts out with Stefani in the kitchen doing some dishes. There is a disturbance on the porch outside. She investigates and its those peky raccoons again. He's had enough of them and goes after them with a two by four. She follows them for a while (there is actually footage of a raccoon scampering away) but they lead her right into the peat bog.

Muddy Mary Mix  570

This one was written by Angelique herself. Angelique went to the store and bought some vodka and some bloody Mary Mix, but somewhere along the way she has lost the mix. And, to mae matters considerably worse she has consumed a good deal of the vodka. She finds the mix but its several feet out in a mud pit.

Mudpit Doublecross 591

This one was written by Samantha herself. Samantha tells Natalie is completely far-fetched story about how people have gained superpowers from a certain mudpit nearby. Natalie buys it and actually enters the pit. In the end she can't get out and Samantha cannot help. The samantha falls in too.

Taylor's Sink Tease 592

This scene was shot way bac in 2007 and was, consequently, done in standard definition. It is rendered, however, to the usual dimensions although that results in somewhat lower overall quality than something done originally in HD. Except for the scenes done the prior year with Nessie, this was just the fourth scene done by Studio 588. The plot, if it has one, is the usual sink tease - basically a strip tease done in the mud.H

Brittanybot Remembers  596

Dave has been trying to get rid of his Brittanybot girlbot for some time when the ante is raised by the arrival of a letter from the manufacturer of a sale on new ones. He takes the Brittanybot on a walk, to a pit of quicksand, getting her to go in with a story about a surprise. She thinks its the keys to a brand new car, just for her.

Nightmare No1_Savannah 597

Savannah is sleepinig in her car. She wakes up, or thinks she has awakened, to hear footsteps outside. She gets out to investigate, turns around and her car is gone. She starts hearing wild animals, its getting dark, a thinderstorm is starting. She panics. She is in quicksand. The quicksand bubbles, more animal sounds, the storm gets worse, there is a snake in the mud itself. Arrows land very close. She goes under.

Stark Raving Gorgeous_Elvira  598

Elvira lights several torch light, disrobes to a thing bottom, and enters her favorite mudpit for some relaxation. Viewers might tend to find this night scene more stimulating than relaxing, however.


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