Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 21

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Prison With No Walls_Natalie and Candle   593

Candle and Natalie are condemned prisoners. They are dropped off at a point in the forest and told food will be brought there once a day as long as they are there. They can wander off "whenevr they are ready." Obviously they wander off immediately, not realizing what "when you are ready," really means. They soon find out.

Girly Time  594

Stefani and Samantha have a lengthy and playful wallow in a peat bog. They even tie each other up.

Cult of the Moon Goddess  595

Brinke and Stefani willingly enter and sink into the clay (pool of the Moon Goddess) in order to be reborn. Its a cult thing. Both are topless in this scene. This scene was shot right about at sunset as a "dusk" scene but has been rendered as a "day for night" scene. We hope to good deal more of that kind of scene in the future. This scene was also written and directed by Brinke herself.

Sara's Sink tease 599

The scene is the familiar performer's interpretation of the sink/strip tease. That is, Sara teases the audience as she strips and sinks.

PirateLand Execution_Rachelle  600

 Rachelle plays a visitorto Psychic World JungleLand who has ventured into the dangerouos zone known as PirateLand. The pirates of PirateLand do not like outsiders and when they catch one they make that person sink in quicksand (their version of walking the plank). Rachelle seems to thin this is all a game until about the time the mud reaches her neck.

HAL 502

Brittany is out on a hike and using a voice GPS to guide her to her objective. Repeatedly the voice directs her in such a way that she would have to go directly into a peat bog to follow instructions. She eventually, tries to go around the bog but slips in. When she directs the GPS device, which is also a phone, to call 911, it refuses. "I can't do that, Brittany," it responds.

A Wild Night  605

The scene opens with Hannah and Jordana in the kitchen looking very bored. These two need considerable stimulation, to say the least! Then they realize there is a really bad thunderstorm beginning outside so they decide to got out. They get into an area where the ground turns soft when it rains like this, so they decide to seek out some mud. They enter a peat bog. They have a great time even when there is a lightening strike so close they can feel it. They move further out where the mud is even deeper. And they seem quite favorably stimulated even as they go entirely under.

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