Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 22

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Rite of Passage_Angelique   601

Angelique undergoes a ritual test to be admitted to full tribal membership. After she intentionally sticks herself with a poisoned dart and falls unconscious she must pass a life-threatening test by simply surviving. When she awakens, partially, she is standing on a pit of quicksand and her hands are tied to an overhead branch

Lucid Dream No.2_Rachelle  603

The scene starts out with Rachelle working at a computer in the office of Mr. Fred. She begins having wardrobe malfunctions and realizes she would be fired immediately if Mr. Fred were to walk in. Then he DOES walk in while her top is totally missing - but he does not appear to notice. When the top is suddenly back she sees a note on her video screen asking if she is aware she is dreaming. Well she is now, so she takes the top back off, goes into Mr. Fred's office to tell him off, and heads outside to the swamp for a wallow in a peat bog. Mr. Fred appears again while she is in the bog but to tell her she is having her salary doubled, not to fire her. This of course, confirms it really IS a dream.

Prison Escape Game_Stefani  604

As the scene opens, lifer Stefani is being taken through the forest by one of the prison guards. She has no idea what is going on but assumes the worst. The guard then offers her a chance to play the prison escape game. He will release her from her cuffs and let her go right there. If she can survive five nights in the jungle she will be given safe passage back to freedom. She asks what her chances might be. They are not good. Of the 75 or so who have played before, one made it to the second night. Figuring getting killed by wolves or a snake in a day or two is better than 45 years in the prison, she accepts the challenge. Needless to say she is soon running from some horrifying sounding things. But then she decides t stop fighting and let the jungle have her. She gives up here top. She falls into a peat bog. She escapes, makes a comment about how quicksand might not be such a bad way to go, and promptly falls into another peat bog.

The Price of Cheating  612

This scene starts with Hannah setting a camera aimed at herself and greeting her now ex boyfriend, who is to receive the tape. He is apparently a mud fetishist and she is at a mud pit to trash the 1500.00 dress and 600.00 he he gave her, because she now knows he has been cheating. She proceeds to do just that. Later, she admits she has been cheating too, although he cheated first. Then she realizes the mud is getting rather deep and she is stuck

Angler Bog  613

Brinke is a scientist studying bog frogs. She encounters a bog with no frogs but it does have a very odd-looking plants and the mud looks ominously like quicksand. Making her way around the bog the odd plant suddenly unleashes a tentacle that entirely crosses the bog and wraps her foot. She is pulled in, and eventually under, but not before realizing the bog itself is a carnivorous plant.This high definition scene has a duration of 9 minutes and 40 seconds and is priced at just $8.00. The scene title is derived from a fish called an angler fish, which uses a projecting fin to lure prey into a location where it can be sucked in.

Lucid Dream No.1_Blair   614

The plot here is the usual Lucid Dream number 1. Blair has wardrobe malfunctions while driving, eventually figures out she is dreaming, and decides to take advantage of that fact by finding a quicksand bog for a nice sink. The scene is different from past versions in several key respects, however. For one, the bog she finds is a peat bog rather than clay. For another, she does several head submersions, face first, arching backwards, and traditional.

Bog Orchid_Dixie  615

Dixie encounters a very rare flower called a bog orchid. She tries to collect it to show others what she found, but it seems firmly rooted. In the end it collects her. This scene will be noted for a very slow final submersion.

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