Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 23

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Roofing SNAFU  608

Stefani works for a roofing company but she works in the office. And she has sent the crew to remove a roof. Except they are not there when she arrives. Maybe she sent them to the right address and now she is at the wrong one. Or to the wrong one and now she is at the right one. Or something. She looks around to try to find the crew but all she finds is quicksand.

Stoners_Violetta and Kerri  609

Violetta and Kerri are rather heavy users of weed, but as the scene opens they have run out. They go looking for more but all they find is quicksand.

Rite of Passage_Natalie  610

To become a full member of her tribe, Natalie must render herself unconscious through use of a dart coated with ant venom. When she wakes up she will face a life-threatening situation, which she must simply survive to pass the test. When she does wake up she is topless and suspended by the wrists in a pit of quicksand.

The Stockbroker 611

Stefani plays a stockbroker with no ethics and no concern for anyone but herself. While at her country club she abuses an employee over the phone, sets up a client to be fleeced, and abuses the waiter more than once. Then karma sets in. She is dive bombed by a bird. She kicks a hat left on the ground only to discover there was a bee hive underneath. She is sprayed by the irrigation system twice, and then, having wandered off the grounds, falls into quicksand. This is sorta one of those old-fashioned movie scenes where the audience stands up and cheers when the baddie goes under.

Cops:The Victim  616

In this spoof of the Cops TV show, Debbie is a genuine police officer but is currently dressed as a sexy cop - in preparation for a special party at the station later in the evening. She gets a call to investigate a report of someone stuck in a swamp and goes to investigate. What she finds is Brinke up to her very bare chest in mud. Brinke does not seem to be in distress and insists she is a scientist trying to catch a rare frog. Debbie kicks her out. But then, Debbie returns to the mud for a wallow of her own.

Voyeurcam_Brittany and Katie 618

Brittany and Katie have their annual mud bath and we get to watch. The cameras in this scene are set back a little further than usual in much of this scene to create a voyeur sort of effect.

LiiLii's Sink Tease  620

LiiLii does her interpretation of a simultaneous sink tease and strip tease.

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