Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 24

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

HollyR's Night Photo Shoot   606

This is the video from an actual photo shoot for which the still images are available for separate purchase as item 607. Initially Holly poses standing at the side of the pit, then sitting at the side, then in the pit.

Fever-Induced Nightmare  617

This scene starts with Stefani sick in bed with a high fever. Suddenly she is outside, anxious, and confused. Her wardrobe suddenly changes several times until she almost naked. Then she falls into a peat bog. Most of the sink is dramatic but she has one episode of rather extreme arousal. The fever breaks as she goes under and she wakes up back in bed

The Quicksand Killer  619

This scene, written jointly by Jordana and Hannah themselves, starts out as a sort of chat conversation. They have finally decided to meet. When they do meet they don't get far before Hannah falls into a peat bog. Jordana seems pleased and it turns out that Jordana is a notorious quicksand killer. She is very much turned on by Hannah's distress. There is a surprise in store for Jordana, however.

The Healing power of Mud 621

Brinke plays a badly disabled woman who has heard rumors of the healing powers of a mysterious mud pit. She seeks it out. The mud does, indeed, have healing powers. However, healing comes at a price. This scene was written by a member here and was directed by Brinke herself.

The Day of Equal Light and Darkness_Natalie  622

It is the first day of spring, or perhaps of fall. Natalie approaches a volcanic mud pit, at night, dressed in a sort of sarong. She has fought hard and long for the honor of offering herself to the volcano god and now she does so. After the sarong comes off she enters the pit, fervently hoping to be accepted. Being accepted means, of course, being drawn completely under to join with the volcano god.

The Guitar 624

As the scene begins, Stefani and Samantha are roommates and both are preparing for exams the next day, Samantha practicing on a guitar and Stefani at a computer. Stefani becomes irritated at the noise of the guitar. A catfight ensues and Samantha is knocked unconscious. Stefani drags Samantha to a quicksand pit to get rid of what she thinks is the body when Samantha wakes up. Samantha is pushed in anyway. As things proceed it is revealed that Samantha is not the first roommate to end up in the bog. After Samantha goes under, Stef heads back, only to fall into another bog on the way back.

The Cure  628

As the scene opens, Savannah is being taken to a sanatorium to try to deal with her obsession about bugs crawling on her. Stefani, as a nurse, takes her to an experimental "bog" treatment. It Works! but unfortunately Savannah does not want to come out. She goes under. Stef runs off in a panic and soon falls into another bog.

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