Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 25

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Hannah's First Time   623

On her first visit to Studio 588, and in fact her first session in the mud, Hannah is guided through a lesson in how to perform a quicksand scene. Now that Hannah is well-established as a veteran and very accomplished quicksand actress, viewing this scene will reveal a lot about how fast someone can learn this stuff.

There are two other ways in which this scene may be very interesting. For anyone contemplating a visit to Studio 588 to introduce a wife or gf to the mud I would highly recommend showing this scene, or other first time scenes, to the person being introduced to the mud. It will go a long way toward reducing anxiety and has been used, in fact, for the same purpose with prospective actresses. Also, for those who like scenes with a lot of conversation between the actress and some unseen second party (that is, the person in the mud being herself) this scene would make a good choice for purchasing a sponsorship. With a sponsorship you get copies of ALL the footage (32 minutes of it) from each camera. That's more than an hour of footage in this case.

Bog Body Pulp Article  627

The scene begins with Stefani reading, or maybe she is writing, a pulp fiction story about bog bodies and how they might have come to be. She is clearly turned on byt the story but its been a long day and she falls asleep. Suddenly she is wandering in the forest, half (well quarter) dressed and is soon taken prisoner by an otherwise unseen, spear-carrying primitive. The primitive wants her to go somewhere but she pretty much has to give him instructions about how she should be bound and how she ought to be naked when she is pushed into the quicksand.

Friends Break In to Studio 588  629

Kindle and Katie have picked the lock at the security gate and broken into the grounds of Studio 588. The know the place is used to make mud and quicksand scenes and they intend to play in one of the mud pits. They enter the clay pit and have a very entertaining time until they suddenly realize they are stuck, and still sinking.

Nyxon's Muddy Webcam 630

Nyxon adapts her regular webcam session to take place in a deep mudpit. This scene is essentially a simultaneous sink a strip tease.

Blowgun_Rachelle  634

Rockelle seems to have gotten herself lost in the jungle. Then she is shot with a poisoned blowgun dart. When she wakes up she is suspended by a vine, ankle deep in a peat bog. And she is very topless. Gradually the vine stretches and eventually breaks, while she, due to the lingering effects of the poison, drifts back and forth among various reactions to the situation.

Boot Shoot_Bailee 635

Bailee is the model at a photo shoot about thigh high boots. After she models three pairs, the photographer gets a call about a water leak. He leaves her for a half hour, warning her to not wander off. Of course she wanders off anyway and ends up in the quicksand. The story for this scene was suggested by a member named bootsinmud.

Three Strikes and You're Under  636

Stefani and Brittani are contestants in a game show. While in a mud pit they must answer questions. Get one right and you can rise higher. Get one wrong and a suction machine pulls you deeper. Three wrongs and you might be under. The scene also has three brief commercial breaks featuring Dee, Manchester, and Julie.

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