Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 26

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

LiiLii's Night Photo Shoot   625

The scene itself is the video of her actual photo shoot at Studio 588. This is a very long scene and the file size is about 985 mB so it will take some time to download.

For those who prefer a realistic and not scary mud encounter, this may be a particularly good choice for a sponsorship. The scene itself is over 33 minutes in length and the unedited camera footage is just under 33 minutes from one camera and nearly 33:30 from the other. That's a lot of viewing. For the sponsorship amount of 75.00, you get the edited scene, the unedited footage from both cameras, and the complete set of stills, of which there are 336 images, all 18 megapixels in size.

Can't Get Any Worse  631

Aside from featuring both Stefani and Stormy, and being an exceptionally long scene, this scene includes encounters with FOUR pits. It starts out with the two women on a hike. It starts to rain and there are no raincoats in their pack. Shortly after they blunder into a peat bog. No sooner do they struggle out of that than they walk right into another one. Then its a clay mire, and finally its yet another pit (cork). They manage to survive all four, and they are topless in the last two. Note that the file is a big one, a bit under 800mB so it will take a while to download.

Natalie's Muddy Webcam  633

Natalie does a webcam routine while entering and sinking in the clay pit at Studio 588.

Gumball Sacrifice_Rachelle 637

Rachelle is a visitor to PsychicWorld JungleLand. Arriving at the Jungleland Bar and Grill she puts a quarter into the gumball machine. Instantly she is wandering in the jungle. She meets a medicine man who thanks her for agreeing to be the sacrifice tonight. She declines but he keeps appearing. Then she is standing ankle deep in a bog, topless, with her hands tied behind her back. She is not happy, yet. But soon she discovers the delights of the mire.

Das Boots_Chrissy  638

Out on a hike, Chrissy discovers a pair of boots stuck two inches deep in a bog. She has to have those boots. In the end the bog has her.

The Walk of Shame 639

Angelique plays a totally ditsy, wannabe movie actress. She thinks she is going to Hollywood Street (?) to make an impression in concrete of her hands. And she is going to add her breasts as well. She has, however, misplaced her contacts. She finds what she thinks is the concrete and even a red carpet.(The carpet is a faded pink). Trying to make the impression she manages to fall in. This is, in my opinion, a very sexy as well as very funny scene, although It does not end well for the actress. The scene was also directed by Ted, though not the same Ted who was a moderator in one of the forums. Angelique herself was the writer.

Harem Dance  645

Brinke has tracked down her photographer husband, who seems to have run off with a native girl. She plans to find him and bring him home, using an alluring dance to seduce him. Its a very hot day and, entering a clearing, she decides to practice her dance. She does that rather well until she falls into a bog she didn't notice. He eventually comes along and finds her but her tells her he is happy with the native girl and lets her go under.

The price for this video is $35.00 plus shipping, with the later dependent on the destination. You can also obtain the same set of seven scenes in high definition, by download for $50.00 or mailed on a DVD-ROM for $50.00 plus shipping. This price is only good when ordered as a set.

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