Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 27

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Spring Break   640

Even though the weather is threatening, Samantha and Julie decide to go for a job. Its spring break and they are staying at Samantha's summer place. It starts to rain hard and they get very wet. That is, their t-shirts get very wet. They get a little lost and blunder into first one and then another of the bogs on the adjacent McPhearson property. Between encounters the shirts come off because they got so dirty in the first one.

Olive Oil and Mud_LiiLii  641

WARNING, Very hot scene. This scene is notable in that it was shot with just one camera and render to a completed scene in a single clip of more than 17 minutes. LiiLii rubs herself down with baby oil and then has a self indulgent, sexy sink.

Ritual of Passage_Stefani  642

Stefani plays a tribal member who has reached the age where she must undergo a special ritual. She must inject herself with a mixture of ant venoms that will make her unconscious and then cause intense pain when she wakes up. When she does wake up she will face a life-threatening situation. That turns out to be being suspended by a vine, topless, in a pit of mud (peat). She survives, but barely.

Savannah's First Time 643

Having journeyed to Studio 588, Savannah is given a lesson in how to perform a quicksand scene.

Drunk_Queene 644

QueenE comes out of a house, having been at a party. She is very drunk. After trying to drive home but being unable to find her keys she tries to walk home. She soon finds what she thinks is a swimming pool that someone put clay into and she tries to take a dip. Soon she is stuck and the scene proceeds to the inevitable.

Lucid Dream No.1_Athena 646

The plot is the usual Lucid Dream Number 1 plot, beginning in the car and having wardrobe malfunctions. Athena plays this idea with very little dialogue - its mostly just her enjoying her muddy dream.

Quicksand Wrestling at the Colesium  649

Imagine the Roman Empire never fell and events at the Coliseum are now on TV. Yep, that's been done before. But not, so far as I know, with a quicksand wrestling to the death match a.s a featured event. Well now it has been done.



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