Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 28

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Rules are Rules   632

Monica plays a visitor to a park. She discovers a mud pit and cannot resist. Then she is discovered, chastised, and kicked out by Ranger Hannah. Once Monica is out of sight, however, Hannah takes her turn in the mud.

Grand Slam  647

Kindle's car breaks down and she sees what appears to be a gas station through the trees. She tries to walk to the station for help. Along the way she has encounters with FOUR different pits of quicksand; peat, sand, peat again, and then clay. She manages to "safely" escape all four. However, she only mentions going "home" once.

Butterfly Collection  648

Samantha is trying to collect butterflies but has broken her glasses, which leaves her aim with the net not so good. She does a Mr MaGoo act around two peat pits before finally falling into a clay pit.

Lucid Dream No.1_Daisy Renae   650

Daisy is baffled by embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions until she realizes it is a dream. Then she heads right for a spot she declares will have a pit of quicksand. Sure enough its there.

Serendipity Trail_LiiLii   651

The scene starts out with LiiLii on a day hike. Nothing can go wrong. Then it does. LiiLii is terrified at first. Then she realizes she is not sinking but she is stuck. Then she isn't stuck either. From that point on she has a good time. I think viewers will find this scene very sexy in the sense that LiiLii has a happy time playing in the mud, although the scene content is not sexual at all.

Duet Night Photo Shoot_Stefani and Samantha  652

Two of the hottest bodies to ever grace the land of mud perform a night time photo shoot in the peat pit at Studio 588. Viewers are advised to view sitting down and to avoid it altogether if you have to take heart medicine. This scene number refers to the video of the photo shoot. "Scene" 653" designates the set of still images resulting from the photo shoot, which are offered separately in two resolutions. The sample stills are from the collection of still images and represent a slightly more central point of view than the video. The teaser clip shows the point of view of the video cameras.

Danielle's Sink Tease   654

In only her third scene ever, Danielle gives us her interpretation of a combination sink and strip tease.

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