Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 29

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Ants   656

Aside from being a Hannah Perez scene this is also a cave girl scene!. As the scene opens, Hannah is a cave girl climbing a tree to get some food. Suddenly the trunk of the tree, below her, is swarming with ants. She backs away along a large horizontal branch, eventually using her top to try to swap them away as they follow her. Then she falls out of the tree, landing in a peat bog below. Afficionados of very slow final submergences will really like the ending of this one.

Boots Shoot_Athena  657

The scene starts out with Athena doing a photoshoot about thighboots. After she tries on and models about three pairs the photographer receives a cell call about a burst pipe. He goes off to fix it, leaving her with instructions to stay right where she is and not wander off. Needless to say she wanders off and promptly gets tangled in a peat bog. Things do not end well.

Blind Date  658

Its seems that both have agreed to a blind date, and both using a fictitious (male) identity. And, of course, with each other. They meet at a rural restaurant to go on a group moonlight hike but, of course, the hike left half an hour ago. They figure things out and decide to try to catch up with the hike. After a while the encounter a mud puddle and decide to cool their feet. Its deeper than they thought but things turn out all right in the end.

Party Up 659

Stefani and Blair are on their way to a party but are not quite sure where it is. Things go from a fun time to a catfight, shirts get ripped, and then the quicksand gets involved.

Drunk_Elvira    660

Elvira tries to walk home from the Sucking Toad Bar and Grill but discovers a mud puddle. She is so drunk she finds it fun to play in the mud. Until its time leave. Then she is stuck and pays the price of overindulging in cheap booze.

Stanley & Livinston   662

Katie is Dr. Livingstone and Kindle is Dr. Stanley, searching for a primitive tribe. Of course they get lost. An elderly man they encounter gives them some directions but in terms such as "take the right form where there used to be a tree with a bee hive." They get lost again and manage to blunder into a bog. In the end they are rescued and the rescuer, of course, utters the well-known line supposedly uttered by the original Stanley

Lucid Dream No.2_Samantha   673

Samantha is at work in the office when she begins having serious wardrobe malfunctions. Mr.Fred, her boss, is a few feet away in another office and could walk in on her at any moment. When he DOES walk in on her, and does not seem to notice she is half naked, she is rather confused. But then she realizes it is a dream. She marches completely topless into Mr Fred's office, informs him he is an idiot and heads outside to find a swamp for the afternoon. As she is wallowing in a pit of mud, Mr. Fred walks in on her again. Instead of firing her, however, he doubles her salary. As was said, of course, its a dream. A very hot scene.

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