Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 3

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Her Ultimate Turnon   (Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams)  456

Brinke plays an island resident who preys on lonely cruise passengers. She finds Rachelle drowning herself in a bottle at the island bar and offers to show her her ultimate turnon. That turns out to be sinking lonely cruise pasasengers in a pit of quicksand. In the end, however, its not Rachelle who goes under.

Rite of Passage_Stefani   (Stefani Jaymes)  460

To be a full member of her tribe, Stefani must succeed in a rite of passage. She is given a small dart laden with ant venom which she must inject into herself. When she wakes up she will be in severe pain and will face a life-threatening situation. When she does wake up, after requesting a double dose of the venom, she finds herself suspended by a vine in a pit of quicksand.

Lucid Dream1_Jordana   (Jordana)  462

While driving on an unknown road, Jordana starts having wardrobe malfunctions that leave her baffled until she realizes she is dreaming and can control what happens.

Alice's Restaurant   (Jordana and Hannah Perez)  463

Hannah drops in for a meal at Alice's Restaurant, where you can get anything you want. She is brought a drin she never ordered after muttering something about 'what I really need is a mud pit.' She sips the drink anyway and immediately gets the mud pit.

The Hunt_Katie   (Katie)  447

A spoof of TV hunting shows wherer the camera is one of several hunters and the guide whispers a lot. In this case Katie is the prey and the object is to drive her into the swamp. Katie is able to talk but otherwise takes on quite a few mannerisms of a deer.

Duet Night Photo SHoot_Kerri and Violetta   (Kerri Taylor and Violetta)  452

Kerri Taylor and Violetta have come to Studio 588 for a duet photo shoot at night. This is the video from that shoot.

Study in Quicksand   (Brinke Stevens)  453

Brinke plays a scientist investigating brain waves during near-death experiences. She uses herself as a subject and has sensors implanted in her brain to record brain waves. She is astonished to discover her brain waves show much more arousal than fear, but we won't need a brain wave monitor to see that.

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