Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 30

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Rite of Passage_hannah  661

The plot is the usual rite of passage plot. To achieve full membership in the tribe Hannah must undergo a test of intelligence while in pain from a self-inflicted dose of ant venom. When she wakes up from the ant venom she finds herself suspended by her wrists in a quickclay pit, topless. In this particular version she does not pass the test, which gives us an opportunity to watch her fully submerge with her hands and arms still tied to an overhead vine. The "two-hands-in-the-air" submergence has been done before but this is a particularly good one.

PirateLand Execution_Jordana  663

As a visitor to PsychicWorld JungleMand, Jordana knows perfectly well to stay out of the section known as PirateLand. She goes there anyway and is promptly captured by the head pirate and the pervert assistant Clem. She is perfectly delighted to be told that the punishment for being in PirateLand, since she is not a pirate, is to walk the plank and fall into quicksand. When given a series of last requests she requests to be allowed to take off nearly all her clothes. After being pushed in she enjoys the slippery clay as it pulls her under.

Gumball Sacrifice_LiiLii    664

As a visitor to PsychicWorld JungleMand, LiiLii arrives at the JungleLand Bar and Grill. After briefly chatting with Fred, who is always there, sorta like the guy at Cheer's, she spots the gumball machine and puts in a quarter. Instantly she vanishes and re-appears somewhere in the jungle.Then she encounters a medicine man who thanks her for agreeing to be the sacrifice. After the third encounter with him, she finds herself standing on the surface of a bog, almost naked, with her hands tied behind her back. She cannot step off of the bog and soon begins to very slowly sink. This scene will be remembered for two things. First, for a very slow and steady sink. LiiLii goes all the way under with her hands still tied. And second, for LiiLii's striking, grey eyes. And, well, other parts of her anatomy feature rather prominently as well.

Baby Oil and Mud_Hannah   665

This scene is exceptionally hot, visually, but unfortunately has no sound. This high definition scene has a duration of 18 minutes and 9 seconds and is priced at $10.00. It features two submergences, two re-emergences, and a crawl out. Oh yes, it also features Hannah Perez. The plot is pretty simple: Hannah arrives at her favorite peat bog, oils herself down, gets in, enjoys the mud for a while, including two submergences, and then exits.

Blowgun_Athena  667

Athena plays a photo model. Initially she is in the jungle trying to find a photographer named Fred who seems to be nowhere around. Suddenly she is shot by a poisoned blowgun dart and passes out. When she awakes she is standing in a peat bog with her hands tied to an overhead vine. She sinks slowly all the way with her hands overhead.

The Barron's Machine   671

Stefani plays an industrial spy. She is going to steal some important documents that are hidden in a peat bog and protected by a machine that will detect anyone in the bog and suck them under. Unknown to the evil Barron, however, Stefani knows where in the bog the documents are hidden and the location of a switch to turn off the machine. She starts across the bog but is suddenly pulled downward when she reaches for the marker above the documents. Then Barron then arrives. Unknown to Stefani he knew about her plan all along, and there are really two switches. Her taunts and torments her for a while and then leaves her to her muddy fate. Multiple pull-downs to near and full submergence.

Drunk_Kerri  680

Kerri gets very drunk at a party and tries to walk home after others have taken away her keys. Needless to say quicksand intervenes

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