Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 31

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Reading Room_Riverboat Gambler   655

Brittany is a client visiting PsychicWord JungleLand Park when she comes upon the Reading Room, an outdoor electronic library. Having heard about this she sits down to read a story, selecting one called The Riverboat Gambler. The story is about a gambling cheat and his helper, who is signaling information about his opponent's hand. Suddenly the assistant is detected. Facing prison time or maybe a lynching, the assistant bolts and dives overboard. At this point Brittany suddenly finds herself running through the forest dressed in a fancy black and red dress. She is now IN the story as the fleeing assistant. And suddenly she falls belly first into quicksand. She is terrified, at first, seeing it as better to face prison or a lynching than to sink under the mire. But then there is a change in her response as the silky clay becomes sensually overwhelming.

Drunk_Kindle   666

Kindle leaves a country bar extremely drunk and with a partial bottle of vodka in tow. Since they have taken her keys she tries to walk home. After stumbling into one peat bog, manages to get out, and right back into another one. As deep as she sinks she is not going to let go of that remaining vodka. In the end it follows her down into the mire.

Das Boots_Kerri   668

The plot is the familiar one of the das boots series. Kerri plays a hiker who just has to have a pair of boots she finds stuck in a bog.

Initiation_Bailee  669

Bailee has to endure an initiation if she wants to join the Touchtone Club. She is taken into the forest and told she must stay out all night, nearly naked. She accepts the challenge but is soon beset with skeeters. Moving around trying to escape the bugs she falls into a pit of mud. She is frightened at first until she realizes she is stuck but not sinking further. Then she finds she is not really stuck either and is able to crawl out. Realizing the bugs left her alone in the mud she gets back in and has a good time the rest of the night. For dramatic effect, this scene was intentionally shot with very low light.

The Evil Gumballs   672

Rachelle plays a visitor to Psychic World JungleLand Park. She arrives at the JungleLand Bar and Grill, has a brief conversation with Fred (the Norm of this bar and grill) and then puts a quarter into the gumball machine. She instantly vanishes and reappears in the jungle, where she has an encounter with a mud pit. In the course of sinking she is assaulted by gumballs of various sizes. A very funny scene.

Baby Oil and Mud_Jordana  675

Its the fourth of July. Jordana gets a call from friends to go to a picnic and set of fireworks, but she declines, saying she is tired. The truth, however, is she has her own fireworks in mind. She then goes to her favorite peat bog, covers herself with baby oil, and gets in. This is a very sexy wallow so all viewers are advised to be sitting down when viewing.

Drunk and Sober_Bob and LiiLii   681

"Bob," played by Hex Hypoxia, is VERY drunk and wants to go to a party she thinks is underway. LiiLii is totally sober and trying to manage Bob. Bob, however, is beyond managing and both consequently get into quicksand. This scene will, I think, be noteworthy for the masterful and sustained acting by which both characters stay consistently in their contrasting characters to the end. This scene was not intended to be a repeatable one but it will be.

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