Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 32

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Fortune   674

Bailee goes to a fortune teller. She is told about something very wet and messy and involving some sort of sink. She jumps to the conclusion that this means she is going to get the dishwashing job she applied for. She heads out to the restaurant, which is across the forest by a path she is familiar with, but there is a boggy spot in the way. The rest is pretty obvious!

Angelique's Muddy Webcam   676

Angelique does a webcam routine, making heavy use of a peat bog. Very hot!

Unit 7  677

Brittany hires an outfit calling itself Unit Seven to subject her to a challenge she has dreamed about for years, attempting to cross a pit of quicksand. Aside from the fee she has paid there is a prize if she succeeds (she can have her choice of anyone on the crew) and a penalty if she has to be rescued (the entire crew has her). In the end she succeeds but declines the proffered prize and goes under instead.

Real Estate Buyer's Agent_LiiLii   678

LiiLii is a real estate buyer's agent, looking at a property for a client. She thinks the property is just about perfect until she discovers a wetland. No sooner does she recommend against buying the property than she falls in. After sinking to her chin she has a long, difficult slog to solid ground but eventually gets out She then calls her own agent and orders him to buy the property at any price.

Brittanybot and Katiebot Get Drunk   679

Brittany and Katie play two robots. Their owner, Dave, is having a party and instructs them to prepare and deliver some drinks. He also orders them to not drink or even taste any of the drinks. Of course, they do exactly that and get quite drunk. "Malfunction.... malfunction..." They try to find Dave for help but they find a quicksand pit instead. They are eventually found, chin deep, by Dave but he decides its easier to just order two new bots than to haul them out of the mire.

Drunk Danielle  682

Danielle gets very drunk at a rural bar and tries to walk home after others have taken away her keys. Needless to say quicksand intervenes.

Roaming Rave   683

Stefani and Hannah are park rangers trying to find the source of music related to an expected rave party in the park. The direction of the music seems to keep changing and they never do find the source. The do find quicksand, however. The eventually escape but not before Ranger Stefani has gone under several times.

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