Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 33

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Adventures of Robyn: The Lost Utility Belt     670

Robyn is searching for her utility belt. She spots it but its on the far side of a peat bog, which she does not recognize, so she is soon stuck and sinking. She manages to use other tools to eventually snag the utility belt and uses the boomerang in that to snag a branch, which she uses to eventually escape. Superhero costume fans should really like this one.

Jungle Explorer_Angelique   684

Jungle Explorer Angelique has been captured by jungle pirates and left tied to a tree while they need to be somewhere else. They have left her naked except for a thong and a hat. (Pirates apparently have an odd sense of humor.) She is able to get free of the tree and runs, hands still tied in front of her. She stops for a rest against a tree for a moment but the tree is immediately hit by an arrow More panicked, she soon stumbles into quicksand. Thanks to madmax359 for the plot suggestion. This scene is also the first to make use of our new, real-time, arrow-hit prop.

Moscow Rules   685

Rachelle plays a Russian spy who relishes her job of shooting "traitors" and disposing of them in a pit of quicksand. She receives a message containing a variety of "Moscow rules" and instructions to go to the pit for an assignment. As things turn out, she is the one being done away with this time, although she manages to fall in by accident. Rachelle was both the writer and director for this one and plays the role complete with accent.

Mudspa in the Rain   686

Athena and Bailee go to an outdoor mudspa in the rain. This scene, written by Athena and Bailee, is more of a very sexy wallow in the mud than a quicksand scene, with both of them decorating each other with lots of mud. This scene was filmed during an actual rain and the thunder heard in the distance was recorded at the time.

Test 77A   687

This scene is rather unique in several ways. Rachelle actually plays two roles, one as the victim of some sort of sadistic experiment and the other as the voice of the protagonist. As the victim, Rachelle is running from something unknown to her, stripped to the waist, and with her hands bound. Coming upon a pit of clay mud she tries to use it to hide, but in the end it takes her under. Rachelle does not speak in this role. As the protagonist, she plays almost monotone voice of some sort of monster, perhaps an insane scientist, directing the experiment as if her subject (subject 77-A) was a laboratory rat. This is a true horror tale. Here are some sample stills but stills cannot really convey what this scene is.

Madam Jordana   688

The scene starts out with Jordana as a fortune teller making use of a crystal ball and Alexia as her gullible customer. Jordana soon uses a ruby crystal to hypnotize Alexia, takes her to a mud pit, and orders her to get in. She toys with Alexia, alternately ordering her to enjoy it and then temporarily freeing her of that obligation. While this is going on, Jordana takes off her own top and gropes herself while watching Alexia sinks. After Alexia has gone under, Jordana tries to smooth out the hand and footprints along the edge of the pit but gets too close and slips in. In the end, she thoroughly enjoys her own sinking right through her submergence. Very hot!.

Erotic Dancer After Hours   689

The scene shows what one erotic dancer does to relax after working hours. She relaxes by making use of a pet bog. The rest should be pretty obvious. Very hot!.  Some of these stills are below the usual standard in terms of focus due to the use of a camera that is not really up to use under the low light conditions, but this is not the case with the video.

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