Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 34

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

New Crystal Ball   690

Angelique has just purchased a new crystal ball and reads the instructions in order to practice. The uses a toy Ninja turtle type of figure that came with the device as a practice subject. She comes up with a fortune that involves mud and being hugged by something, which is totally ridiculous since she is teling the fortune of a plastic toy. She has, however, neglected the detail of how the crystal ball should be oriented with respect to the fortune teller and the client. The rest should be pretty obvious.

Serendipity Trail_Monica   691

Monica is hiking along the Serendipity Trail when she blunders into a bog. She is terrified as she sinks to her neck, then merely frustrated when she realizes she is no longer sinking but is still stuck. Then things get better, much better, when she discovers she is no longer stuck. She has a very good time and then finally crawls out when it is starting to get dark.

Lucid Dream No.1_Danielle   692

Realizing she is dreaming, Danielle decides that if she goes fifty steps into the woods she will find a mudpit. And she does. This version of Lucid Dream1 lacks most of the initial set up (in the car) of the other versions. It was also rendered with a very low audio so as to create a sort of voyeuristic effect.

Drunk_Tip   693

Tip gets very drunk at a rural bar and tries to walk home after others have taken away her keys. Needless to say quicksand intervenes.

Stalker_Stefani    694

The scene starts with Stefani apparently being stalked. She repeatedly looks back as she heres someone following her. That someone is You, in the form of a POV camera. Stefani walks by a peat bog but you make an error and step in, getting stuck. You look about in panic for a few seconds and are suddenly confronted by Stefani. She taunts you. Then she teases you by getting topless and entering the bog at the far side. She teases you further as she gets closer and closer. She does a submergence right in front of you, but you are just stuck, neck deep. At the end, the comes very close with a surprise for you.

Blowgun_Jordana  695

Jordana plays a photo model who has gone to the jungle to meet a photographer named Fred. Fred does not show up and she is shot with a poisoned blowgun dart. When she wakes up, still partly drugged, she has her hands tied overhead, her feet on the unstable surface of a bog, and has been stripped totally nude. Gradually she sinks, all the way under with her hands still tied, as the vine stretches but does not break. She fades in and out of full awareness, due to lingering effects of the poison, as the scene progresses.

Wrong Number  696

The scene starts as Mary Smith (Brinke) gets a phone call from her doctor with very bad news. She decides getting things over quickly is better than a painful, lingering death and she knows of a quicksand bog for the purpose. In fact, she has fanaticized about it for years. Neck deep in the pit, however, the doctor calls again (to her cell phone left on the bank) to say it was a terrible mistake. He has two patients named Mary Smith. It all turns out well in the end, though not before a momentary submergence has occurred.

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