Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 35

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

A Rainy Day in Arkansas    697

SElvira is delighted to discover it is raining hard. With umbrella she heads out to a local swamp. Then she discards the umbrella and climbs into the bog for a lengthy, self-indulgent wallow in the rain. After all, no one goes out on rainy days so she can have the bog all to herself. For those who like to collect trivia about scenes, this scene was actually filmed in the rain on one of the wettest and coldest days ever in mid-summer at Studio 588.

Rite of Passage_Michelle   698

AThe plot is the usual rite of passage plot. To achieve full membership in the tribe Michelle must undergo a test of intelligence while in pain from a self-inflicted dose of ant venom. When she wakes up from the ant venom she finds herself suspended by her wrists in a peat bog , topless. In this version she manages to survive, though its rather close.

Baby Oil and Mud_Samantha   699

CSamantha arrives at her favorite peat bog, rubs herself down with baby oil, and crawls in for a wallow that heats the bog almost to steaming.

LiiLii's Muddy Webcam 700

HLiiLii does her version of a webcam routine in the peat bog. After activating her webcam she enters the pit, disrobes fully, and teases the viewer to the point of meltdown.

Das Boots_HollyR   701

SHiking through the woods, Holly discovers a nice pair of boots stuck a few inches deep in some mud. Since there is no one around to claim them she decides to salvage them for herself. They are rather well-anchored, however, and they will not come free. In the end she falls in and sinks.

The Evil Barron's Machine 2    702

HIn this second installment of scenes involving the evil Baron's suction machine, Angelique seeks to steal some valuable papers hidden in a bog and protected by a machine that will sense anyone near the papers and suck them down into the bog. She finds the control switch and turns off the machine. Or so she thinks. What she does not know is that there are more than one switch and that the Baron has been on to her plan from the start. The Baron shows up to gloat a bit and then leaves her to his machine. Angelique is pulled downward multiple times before being pulled all the way under.


Blowgun_Bailee  703

SIn the jungle for a photo shoot, Bailee is shot by a poisoned blowgun dart. When she wakes up she is suspended by the wrists on the surface of a bog. She soon sinks.

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