Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 36

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Quicksand Fantasy   704

At dusk, Stefani sneaks through a fence into a thick, jungle-like environment. She knows there is quicksand nearby and hopes to find it by accident. As the light fades she moves by flashlight, hoping the batteries will fail, which they eventually do, and she imagines she is being followed or chased. Eventually she does fall into the quicksand and has a thoroughly good time until she falls asleep. She wakes up as the sun is rising and crawls out. Extremely hot.

Rite of Passage_Jordana   705

As a member of a primitive tribe, Jordana reports to the medicine man for her rite of passage to full membership. She must inoculate herself with a mixture of venoms that will cause brief unconsciousness and then pain, using a small dart. When she wakes up she will face a life threatening situation. After inoculating herself in her own breast she asks for a second dose; then passes out. The situation turns out to be that she is suspended in a pit of deep, quickclay while in pain and confused from the venoms. The vine will gradually stretch and allow her to sink under if she does not free herself of it. But if she does free herself of the vine, while vertical, she will sink under just the same. She eventually solves the problem.

Sex on Earth is Different  706

LiiLii and Hex Hypoxia play Ork and Ok, two females from another galaxy who beam down to Earth to explore. Females of their species look like human females but their males look like mudpits, particularly when in heat. When the encounter a pit of quicksand they mistake it for a male of their species. They initiate their mating ritual. Although the pit does not seem to respond they enter it just the same. Very hot and funny at the same time.

Gumball Sacrifice_Brittany  707

Brittany puts a quarter in the gumball machine at the JungleLand Bar and Grill and vanishes, reappearing in the jungle. There she meets a medicine man who thanks her for agreeing to be today's sacrifice. He shows up again, and again, after she declines interest. Knowing that odd things happen in Psychic World JungleLand, she finally agrees to see what he really ha in mind and suddenly finds herself standing on the surface of a peat bog with her hands tied behind her back. In the end she finds it quite arousing as she sinks deeper and deeper, eventually going under.

Martha Escapes Yet Again   708

Once again Martha has escaped from the hospital and is seeking to sink herself in quicksand. She is dressed as an orderly and behaves as if she is searching for Martha, although she IS Martha. Eventually she finds a bog and accidentally-on-purpose falls in. This time she succeeds in going under. This scene should not be confused with "Martha Escapes Again" which is very similar except that scene takes place in a clay pit and has a different outcome.

Fireworks_Samantha  709

Its the 4th of July (substitute dates outside the USA) and its fireworks time. A friend calls to get Samantha to go to the display, but she makes an excuse. The truth is she has her own fireworks, out back in her favorite clay pit.

PirateLand Execution_Elvira   710

Elvira is a tourist inside PsychicWorld JungleLand and wanders into JungleLand. She is captured by two crazy pirates who sink all non-pirates in their quicksand pit. She goes along and seems to enjoy it until she is roughly up to her ears.



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