Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 37

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

First Down, Second Down   712

Nyxon and Natalie are out on a walk. They are also avid (maybe rabid would be more precise) football fans, but not for the same teams. And, their teams will be playing each other soon so the trash-talking starts. When they encounter a muddy spot the trash talking becomes a mud fight. The fight continues after they manage to fall in. Unfortunately for both, this is a game with only two downs.

The Joke's On You   713

As the scene opens, Jordana is on the phone and is delighted to hear she has gotten the job she interviewed for. Hannah comes in after a bad day and is basically pissed off that all the good things happen to Jordana. After a spat, Hannah suggests going for a walk, but what she really has in mind is a practical joke. She leads Jordana to a mud pit and pushes her in. But shortly after, Jordana reveals that she is just fine, that she has been there before, and that Hannah ought to join her. Hannah is skeptical but does get in at what she is told is the very shallow part, but which turns out to be the deepest. Everything turns out ok in the end but not before Hannah has sunk to her lips. The joke is on her.

Bionic Jogger   714

This scene opens with Stefani Jogging along a trail, in slo motion, and in a bikini. Then she blunders into a peat bog, escapes, and promptly blunders into another. The only "bionic" part is the jogging scene.

Blowgun_LiiLii   716

LiiLii is a photographer taking pictures of birds deep in the jungle when she is hit by a poisoned blowgun darts. When she regains consciousness she has been stripped to the waist is standing on the surface of a peat bog with her hands tied to a vine over her head. Gradually she sinks, still under the intermittant influence of the poison, eventually going under.

Algeliquebot Malfunctions  718

Angelique plays Fred's latest girlbot. She begins to malfunction. Or, perhaps Fred is just bored and looking for an excuse to get a new one. He wants to atch his video of the Three Stooges when she is trying to get him to play. Anyway, Fred finally suggests that he take her "to the farm," by which he really means the quicksand pit where all the previous bots are submerged. He takes her to the bog and convinces her to go into it.

PirateLand Fun   719

Stormy and Nyssa have entered Psychic World's JungleLand Park and are seeking adventure. They decide to enter PirateLand, where, they have been told, the pirates do mean things. While taking a rest they are both nearly skewered by arrows - they have been caught by the pirates. The pirates do not speak by make them walk. Where they are going they have no idea. They try to induce the pirates to do more than force them to walk by loosening a few parts of their clothing, but they keep walking. Then they suddenly find themselves forced into a pit of quick clay. They find this pleasant at first but toward they end they become anxious about what happens after they go under.

The Barron Strikes Again   715

One of a trilogy of 2014 scenes involving the Evil Baron, who keeps his secret documents hidden in pits of quicksand, this time its Elvira trying to steal the documents. And this time its a pit of quick clay. Using a GPS equipped phone to take directions from her accomplice, Elvira works her way around the pit to the beginning of what the map shows as the safe path across it. Wrong! As usual the Baron shows up to gloat and tell her that her accomplice will be joining her shortly.

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