Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 38

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Stalker_Bailee   711

Bailee is out on a trail and becomes conscious of someone stalking her. She moves around the perimeter of a peat bog, but the stalker is so busy watching her that he blunders into the bog. She then returns to confront and taunt the stalker. She disrobes, enters the bog and moves closer as he sinks deeper. Ultimately she sinks the stalker.

Robyn Escapes from the Barron:The Old Bog Trick    717

This scene combines characters from two different earlier scenes, Robyn and the Evil Baron. As the scene opens Robyn is a few minutes ahead of the pursuing Baron. When she comes to a deep peat bog, she decides to hide by submerging herself in it, not knowing anything about its prior use as a deathtrap for several industrial spies (although she does know about the missing spies). Robyn is successful in evading the Baron and learns, in the process, thatthe missing spies are probably below her in the bog. It seems likely she might return in the future to investigate.

Booby Trap   720

Out on a hike, Stefani and Michelle find a bra hanging in a tree. Then another, and another. They follow the trail of bras until it leads them to one hanging over a muddy spot. Obviously, the muddy spot turns out to be a lot deeper than it appears. They are able to climb out but then the manage to fall back in trying to help the other. They eventually both go under. This scene was both written and directed by Stefani herself.

Stoners_Elvira and Nocturnal   721

When this scene begins, Elvira and Nocturnal and completely stoned, on the floor of their living room. They get the munchies and decide to head out to a pizza place for some food. There is some mud in the way and it turns out to be deeper than they thought (assuming thought is actualy possible at that point). They end up in the peat bog and quite stuck. Actual cognitive function eventually returns and they are able to get out.

Topless and Afraid    722

This scene, which is a spoof of reality shows in general and naked and afraid in particular, was written by Angelique herself. As it begins, Angelique has broken into the location where 'topless and afraid' is being filmed. She is determined to get into the show despite having her application rejected for 'psychological reason.' She spots one of the cameras up in a tree and promptly makes herself topless and then TRIES to act. Very shortly thereafter she falls into a pit of quick clay. She continues trying to act "afraid" for a while but soon becomes so for real as the clay rises higher around her.

Murder and Mistake    723

Holly takes LiiLii at gunpoint to a peat bog, planning to murder her. It turns out LiiLii is not the first. LiiLii is forced in and goes under in one of the best very-slow final submergences I've seen. Holly then slips and falls into the same bog and later goes under with a submergence that at least equals the first one.

Final Scene    724

Long time muddy and messy model Brittany is attempting to film herself in a new pit of mud (peat). Its a little deeper than she has been used to but its necessary to the scene she wants to get. she gets in, strips to the waist, and has a very good time.... until its time to get out. She is stuck. She begins to panic. Suddenly she is pulled down deeper and now she really panics. Its too late and there is no one around to help.

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