Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 39

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Lucid Dream No.2_Alexia   725

Alexia is working in the office of Mr Fred when she begins having odd wardrobe malfunctions. With her top entirely missing, Mr Fred walks in to request a change in what she is working on but does not seem to notice she is half naked. She eventually realizes she is dreaming. Then she tells off Mr Fred and takes the afternoon off to go play in the swamp. She has a lengthy wallow in a clay bog before Mr fred shows up. She expects she is going to be fired but instead he says he is doubling her salary. After he leaves she finishes her wallow with a submergence, re-emergence, and exit toward to camera.

Peckish Games   726

This scene is a take-off or spoof based on the Hunger Games series, the latest of which was released in theaters today. Rachelle has been selected as a "tribute." Initially she has been given a bow and arrow but these turn out to be broken. She acquires a spear when it is thrown at her but misses and later obtains a gun from a player who has been killed by an arrow. She loses the gun when briefly knocked out by a poisoned blowgun dart. Then she comes to a peat bog that separates her from her reward. She gets bogged down and nearly goes under but eventually gets all the way across.

SlaveGirl Escape?  727

The scene begins as Hannah, an escape slave from an alien planet, beams down to the planet's surface. She is being chased by Prince Mongo. She flees but runs into a peat bog. She quickly escapes from that only to fall into another peat bog. She goes under but is rescued just in time by a prince (unseen except for his hand).

Dominance 728

Kerri is the Dom and Angelique is her sub, at least as the scene begins. Kerri is taking Angelique to a quicksand pit, where she "can have some fun." Angelique does not want to go but does as she is told, encouraged by Kerri's riding crop (which is used liberally). Angelique is forced into the pit (clay) and eventually to go under. When she comes up, however, her attitude has changed. She becomes dominant over Kerri and pulls her in. After Kerri has gone under and come back up they decide to give up the Dom/Sub stuff.

Aliens Find Mudpit   729

Bailee and Athena beam down to the surface of a planet to explore. They have become unable to find their home planet. They develop a tingling sensation associated with mating back on their home planet and it leads them to a mudpit. They cannot resist getting in. In the end they quite happily go under.

Drunk_Monica   730

Monica has gotten very drunk at the Sucking Toad Bar, Grill, and Troublespot, and they have taken her keys. She tries to walk home. On the way she staggers into a tree and reacts as if it were molesting her. She takes off her top in anger, then cannot get it back on so she goes on without it. She comes to a muddy spot and tries to cross it, with disastrous results.

Gumball Sacrifice Duet_Brittany and Blair  731

Blair vanishes from the PsychicWorld JungleLand Bar and Grill after putting a quarter in the gumball machine. Reappearing in the jungle she meets Brittany. Brittany says she is looking for the medicine man so she can be sacrificed. Blair is skeptical but goes along to watch what happens. Suddenly both are topless, standing on the surface of a peat mire, and with their hands tied behind their backs. Brittany seems pleased but not Blair. Things change, however, when they get more or less chest deep. Blair begins to like what is happening while Brittany panics. In the end, the bog gets them both.

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