Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 4

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Induced Synesthesia   (Natalie Minx and Nyxon)  458

Natalie and Nyxon play a pair of hippies wandering through the woods. Natalie keeps strumming the same single note on her guitar. After the find and eat some local mushrooms they become very confused and cannot seem to find each other even through they are not far apart at all. When they both fall into a pit of quicksand they remain very confused and they keep referring to the quicksand as the "blue."

Stoners_Angelique and Hannah   (Angelique Kithos and Hannah Perez)  461

Angelique and Hannah are extremely stoned but have run out of whatever plant-based substance they have been using, so they go outside to find more. What they find keeps puling them lower and lower, not higher and higher.

Lucid Dream12_Savannah  (Savannah Costello)   464

Savannah wakes up on a cot out in the woods somewhere, dressed in a nightgown. She eventually figures out she is dreaming and takes full advantage.

Jane of the Jungle   (Brittany)  465

Jane (played by Brittany) returns to the jungle after several years. She is dressed in a rather Victorian outfit, complete with campaign hat and boots. An encounter with a peat bog convinces her that clothes appropriate to Victorian England don't work so well in the jungle and she changes into something more appropriate (ok she changes out of something more appropriate). In the end, however, the almost complete lack of clothing is no help when she falls into quickclay. Tarzan is apparently off in some other part of the jungle.

Lucid Dream1_Brinke   (Brinke Stevens)  466

While driving down an unknown road, Brinke is baffled by a series of wardrobe failures until she realizes it is a dream and she can control what happens. Since she can, she does.

Orange Bog Orchid_Hannah   (Hannah Perez)  467

Hannah discovers a very rare orange bog orchid growing in the middle of a bog. Where else would an orange bog orchid grow? She tries to obtain a sample but it is aanchored pretty well. In the end its the orchid (or the bog) that samples Hannah.

The Final Test  (Debbie Paige) 469

The final test for Princess Debbie to become Queen Debbie is to enter and cross a treacherous pit of quickclay. She has the good sense to disrobe before making the attempt but even so it is rather iffy that she can survive the test.

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