Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 40

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Real Estate Buyer's Agent_Rachelle   732

Rachelle is an agent evaluating a property for a real estate buyer. At first everything looks terrific but then she discovers the wetland. After calling the client and recommending not buying the property, she accidentally falls in. After a lengthy struggle she manages to escape. Having escaped she realizes just how excited she was in spite of the fear, so she calls her own agent and orders him to buy the property for her at any cost.

Sandy Meyer's Hypnosis Clinic  733

Katie goes to Dr. Myer's Hypnosis Clinic for help with her smoking habit. Dr Myer's has something else in mind, however. Katie is hypnotized, brought to a pit of quick clay, and ordered in. She is then made to sink deeper and deeper and to submerge multiple times; finally to submerge and not come up. While this is going on, Dr Myers gets pretty well turned on, removing her own top. After Katie has gone under, Dr. Myers is so overcome that she has to get some of the same for herself. In the end she also goes under. Written by Brittany herself.

Birthday Surprise  734

Brinke plays the wife of a man away in the military. She knows about his quicksand "secret" so she goes to a quick clay pit to make a tape for his birthday. Toward the end, having discovered t least some of the allure of the mire, she pretends to be suddenly stuck and pulled under but comes right back up.

Why I Like Sinking 735

Stefani makes a tape to try to explain to her bf (and to us) why she likes sinking so much. This scene is so hot it should be viewed sitting down. And keep the heart medicine handy.

Lucid Dream No.1_Dixie  736

Wardrobe malfunctions while driving her car have Dixie perplexed until she realizes she is dreaming. She then takes full advantage. She gets out of her car, abandons her top, and decides that fifty steps into the forest she will find a pit of quicksand. Sure enough, there it is, right at 50 steps. She then enjoys a lengthy and very hot wallow including two very willing submergences.

Two Bots in No Bots 737

Fred puts his Nataliebot in the closet and turns her off before opening a newly delivered carton containing his new Nyxonbot. The Nyxonbot immediately senses there is "someone else here," and searches abd finds the Nataliebot, who she then activates. An immediate argument and catfight ensues, each trying to get the other to leave. The fight proceeds outside. The Nataliebot arrives first at the quicksand pit, which she is programmed to enjoy and figures she will lure the Nyxon bot and sink her. The Nyxonbot, however, sneaks up behind and pushes her in. Eventually they are both in, but then they discover they ar BOTH programmed to enjoy being in quicksand. Throughout most of the sinking sequence, there is a very interesting awkwardness between the two bots. Some viewers may interpret this as awkwardness between the two actresses but, I think more accurately and interestingly, it is between the two characters, who are very much discovering each other.

Mr Macgregor's Garden  738

LiiLii is poaching vegetables from Mr. Macgregor's garden. She steals a large Zucchini and several other things before trying for some ripe cherries. Unfortunately the cherries are on a branch the projects out over a peat bog and she falls in. An interesting feature of this scene is an extreme closeup of LiiLii's face as she slips under the surface.

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