Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 41

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Ditsy Sorority Pledge   739

Stefani plays a sorority pledge engaged in a hunt for something she must find to join the sorority. She is dressed in an outfit that extends below her waist hardly at all and a top that refuses to stay on. After almost getting stuck in a bubbling pit of real quicksand she finally finds the object on the far side of a quick clay pit. Not realizing how deep it is she tries to get across and gets stuck instead. Eventually she goes under.

Quicksand Contest  740

Brittany and Katie have returned to Studio 588 and are anxious to do some sinking, but Fred is outside somewhere. When they cannot find him they head down to the peat bog anyway for a sinking contest. They have a good time jumping in and out, each plunging the neck at least once. In the end, Brittany walks off, leaving Katie stuck chin deep and still sinking. You can decide who was the winner.

Schroom Head  741

Kerri plays a rather heavy-duty consumer of hallucinogenic mushrooms, gathering them from the wild. She eats one. Instantly she is very high. when she encounters a bog she is too confused to go around it and just tries to plow through it. She stays in the same condition to the muddy end.

Robyn on Penguin Island   742

Somehow the Penguin's ice covered island has become a tropical rain forest and Robyn is investigating. She falls into a peat bog while attempting to get a sample. She escapes but almost immediately falls into another one. Oddly, wen Penguin shows up he thinks it was Batman and Robyn that changed his island and leaves her to her fate. Will the bog swallow up Robyn?

Blowgun_Queene   743

Queene has wandered away from a picnic and has become quite lost. She is shot by means of a poisoned blowgun dart and, when she regains partial consciousness, finds herself topless and suspended by a vine and ankle deep in a peat bog. Gradually she sinks as the vine stretches. Her reactions, influenced no doubt by the blowgun poison, shift from confusion to fear to arousal. This scene features a very slow sink and a submersion with the hands still tied to the overhead vine.

Lucid Dream No.2_Nyxon   744

The scene starts with Nyxon at work as a secretary in the office of Mr Fred. She suffers a series of wardrobe malfunctions during the course of which Mr Fred walks in on her but does not seem to notice. In the latter malfunction her top is entirely missing. She is baffled until she looks at her secondary computer screen which bears the message that she is dreaming. She now marches into Mr Fred's office, entirely topless, to tell him off and announce she is taking the rest of the day (actually it is night) off and that he can prepare his own files. She then heads out to find a pit of quicksand. Later, while she is having a delightful wallow in the deep clay, Mr Fred appears again. She expects to be fired but instead he doubles her salary.

Drunk and Sober_Hannah and Stefani  745

Stefani is very, VERY drunk and Hannah is sober and Hannah's car has broken down. Stefani seems to want to walk toward a rave that she thinks is taking place. Hannah tries to keep her under control. Its no use! When they encounter a pit of wet clay Stefani goes right in to Hannah's dismay and she is eventually pulled in as well. In the end neither survives. I think many will be impressed at how consistently both actresses stay in character throughout this scene.

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