Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 42

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Stark Raving Gorgeous_bailee and Athena   746

Very close friends Bailee and Athena go to a pit of quick clay for their annual night wallow. They light a prepared torch, remove their tops and enjoy the mud, and each other, for most of the scene. In the end they crawl out directly toward the ground-level camera.

Violetta's Muddy Webcam  747

Violetta does her interpretation of a webcam routine with a peat bog theme, both stripping and sinking

Bigfoot, Not Bogfoot   753

The scene begins with Rachelle, in her imagination, accepting election as the president of the anthropological society. Then we see her "scientific" project to reach that goal, which is being the first to get a real photo of a Bigfoot. When she discovers a mudpit she intentionally enters it thinking it will help conceal her from her prey. She is still trying to take pictures as she goes under. This scene is the first release for 2015.

Garden Bots 754

LiiLiibot and "Bobbot" are two robots belonging to Mr. Fred. They have finished all their assigned duties for the day so they decide to make dinner. They know that Mr Fred likes zucchini and, since they do not have any they decide to look for some in Mr Fred's garden. The problem for them is they do not have a clue what a zucchini looks like. They quickly find and pick a zucchini, but as they have misidentified it as a strawberry they keep looking. Bobbot decides there must be zucchinis in the mud pits near the garden and goes in to get one. After she goes all the way under, LiiLii goes in to try to help. If Mr. Fred figures out what happened to his bots he will need a crane to get them back. They will need some re-programming.

Blowgun_Blair  755

Blair has gone to the deep jungle for a photoshoot but the photographer, Fred, has failed to show up as usual. She is then rendered unconscious by the poison from a blowgun dart. When she partially wakes up she is standing on the surface of a deep peat bog, with her hands tied overhead to a vine, and topless. Her reactions vary as she sinks but toward the end she shows a combination of simultaneous anxiety and arousal that should be very interesting to many viewers.

Don't Forget Where the Deep Spot Is  756

Sara takes Katie to a mud pit she has discovered, gushing about what it has done for her skin. Katie is skeptical but goes along and they both get it. About shoulder deep, Katie comments that the pit is rather deep. At this point, Sara reveals it is in fact quicksand and that Katie will soon be going under. Katie, however, says that simply cannot be because she is standing on the bottom. Apparently Sara has forgotten where the deep spot is. Oops!

Lucid Dream No.5_Elvira  757

Elvira comes sleepily out of the bedroom to let in the Mr Whiskers (her cat) but he does not come. She steps outside for a second to call him, but when she turns to go back in she has locked herself out. She goes to the back door but its locked too. She retrieves the key she has hidden under a rock but when she turns to go back the house is gone. Pretty quickly she figures out it is a dream and takes advantage by seeking, finding, and enjoying a mud pit.

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