Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 43

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

QueenE's Sink Tease   758

Queene does her interpretation of the sink tease, which is a strip tease and sinking combined. Look for the moment when she says she doesn't know whether to be scared or have an orgasm.

Trial By Nature_Monica  759

Monica has been accused of practicing witchcraft and can only be judged by nature. She must stand, hands bound behind her back, on the surface of a bog for a full hour. If she sinks she was guilty. Needless to say, Monica insists she is innocent... there must be some mistake.... as she slowly begins to sink. Although she sinks very slowly, taking several minutes to even reach her knees, she does keep sinking. Toward the end she proclaims that she IS guilty but will survive this ordeal and come back. The latter part of this scene will, I believe, be recognized for Monica's outstanding job of displaying simultaneous anxiety and defiance. This screen will also be noteworthy for her ability to maintain her eyes wide open to nearly the last second.

Ditsy Party Girls  760

Katie and Kindle are dressed to kill and on their way to a party, but they have become lost. Then the car breaks down. Seeing what appears to be a farmhouse in the distance they head across country to seek help. There is, of course, a swamp in the way. Kindle manages to fall into some quicksand and Katie falls in trying to help. Eventually they both go under.

The Fortube Teller  761

Michelle goes to a fortune teller but is hypnotized and taken to a bog with the message to immediately relax whenever the word "bog" is used. It turns out the Stef has sunk about 30 pervious victims in the same manner. In the end, however, Stef makes a misstep and falls in. She thoroughly enjoys her fate, however.

Brittanybot Teases Fred  762

Brittany plays a realistic female robot owned by Fred. With Fred busy at the computer she teases him into taking her to the nearby quicksand so she can sink for him again. At the pit she slowly plays with the mud, disrobes to a thing, and goes in, and, eventually, under. Fred tells her he will pull her out after a while but will let her enjoy being under the mud for a couple of days first.

Kidnap Escape? Angelique 763

As, the scene begins Angelique, with restraints on her wrists and neck, is running through the forest, having escaped from kidnappers. She is aware of the danger of quicksand but blunders into a peat bog just the same. She does not make it out.

PirateLand Execution_Stefani  764

Stefani has gone in Psychicworld JungleLand and then into PirateLand, wearing some very provocative clothing plus shackles. she is captured and taken to the quicksand, which seems more alluring than terrifying. As she is given a series of opportunities for 'one last request' she removes item after item until down to a thong and then asked for her wrists to be tied before going in. As she sinks she goes back and forth between fear and arousal. This scene will be described as a little slow to start by those who want all sinking but the sinking portion does occupy about half of the 22 minutes.

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