Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 44

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Psychic World JungleLnad Fantasy Fizz   765

This steamy-hot scene starts out as Stefani and Hannah arrives at the JungleLand Bar and Grill. They order a Fantasy Fizz and soon decide to act out their fantasies, which both happen to be sinking in a peat bog. At the bog they enter the bog, topless of course, for a lengthy sink. Both do multiple submergences before ultimately deciding to sink to the bottom. What could be better?

Blair's Sink Tease  766

Blair does her interpretation of the Sink Tease, simultaneously stripping and sinking, for our entertainment.

Sorority Prank   767

Hannah and Angelique play a pair of sorority sister bent on a prank. [The backstory about the prank is actually deleted from the scene due to some sound problems with about 1 minute of the footage, but the good part is very intact.] They are trying to get to a party by a back route through the forest when they come to a mud puddle blocking their way. Needless to say they end up in the mud. This scene will be really popular with those who like the banter between two really hateful characters.

The Sinking Singer  768

This scene will be reminiscent of earlier scenes called the Sinking News except that LiiLii sings while sinking instead of reading the news. Oh yes, she also strips at the same time. LiiLii does several familiar songs, concluding with a sultry version of 'Happy Birthday Mr President."

Blowgun_Elvira  769

Rendered unconscious by a poisoned blowgun dart, Elvira finds herself suspended by her wrists over a quickclay pit,... and the ropes are slowly stretching. She drifts through a series of contrasting reactions; fear, laughter, arousal, until finally going under with her hands still held above her head. a very slow sink except for a brief segment from knees to waist.

Voyeurcam_A Lesson in Mud Wrestling  770

This lengthy and steamy hot scene involves Samantha giving Stefani an introduction to deep mud wrestling. There is not much more to say except watch this sitting down and keep the heart meds nearby if you need them. Because of its length, this scene represents a terrific value as a sponsorship ($75.00) for those that like this kind of content.

Hey Mr.... Wanna See My Mudbog?   771

Written and directed by Rachelle herself, this scene starts with Rachelle practicing pickup lines with a head manikin. Eventually she decides to go for a walk to clear her head. She has a transformative break through after discovering, and making use-of a peat bog.

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