Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 45

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Jungle Execution_Nyxon   772

This scene is rather short at 5 minutes but features some vigorous struggling. Nyxon is the victim of a ceremonial execution, jungle-style.

Charlie's Angels  773

This very rare trio scene starts out as the angels receive a call from Charlie giving them an assignment to look for the look from a huge heist that may be hidden somewhere past the end of Wilson's Swamp Road. The call comes from Charlie because Bosley is in prison following his turning to the dark side. They find a bog where it appears someone has recently gone under, but the hair appearing above the surface turns out to be a wig. They get in to try to find the loot. They do find the loot but the do not escape themselves, making this very likely the final episode unless more angels are recruited.

No One Goes Out in Thunderstorms_LiiLii  774

LiiLii comes onto her porch and notices that it is getting dark and about to rain. To her that means a chance for the privacy to enjoy her favorite peat bog, since no one goes out on such rainy nights. She arrives at the bog, disrobes, and has a pretty good time, including a full submergence. Some cleanup footage follows the credits in this scene

PirateLand Execution 775

Visiting PsychicWorld JungleLand,Natalie has been warned about PirateLand and what the pirates there do to outsides, but she finds the idea exciting. She is promptly captured and taken to the quicksand. Given a series of "last requests" she asks to take off her shirt, and her skirt, and to have her hands tied before she is forced into the quicksand. She changes her mind toward the end about going under but its too late.

Lucid Dream1_Kerri  776

Wardrobe malfunctions while driving her car have Kerri perplexed until she realizes she is dreaming. She then takes full advantage. She gets out of her car, abandons her top, and decides that fifty steps into the forest she will find a pit of quicksand. Sure enough, there it is, right at 50 steps. She then enjoys a lengthy and very hot wallow including a full submergence and a crawl out.

PsychicWorld JungleLand_Enthusiastic and Cautious 777

Blair and Brittany run into each other inside PsychicWorld JungleLand. Brittany tells Blair that the best thing in JungleLand is the quicksand and talks Blair into trying it. As enthusiastic as Brittany is, Blair is skeptical and cautious. Brittany gets in and, eventually, so does Blair. But the quicksand is especially thick that day, too thick for Brittany. She finds it oppressive and begins to want out. As Brittany begins to panic, Blair gets turned on. Both go under with these contrasting reactions.

Initiation_LiiLii  778

To join the Touchtone Club, LiiLii must undergo an initiation rite. which, she is informed, is to stay out all night in the jungle stripped to the waist. She immediately finds the bugs intolerable and tries to move around to avoid them. That leads her to fall into deep mud. After a panicky struggle she realizes she is not sinking anymore, then that she is not really stuck. She crawls out, only to realize the bugs are back, so she gets back in and has a good time until the sun comes up. The initial, non-sinking two minutes of this scene uses title overlays because of a failure of the sound system. The sinking portion has good sound but is somewhat grainy. This latter is due to the intentional use of very low lighting, for dramatic effect.

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