Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 46

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Jordana's Muddy Webcam   779

Jordana performs a webcam routine, simultaneously stripping to a thing and sinking in a pit of wet clay. Very hot!

The Bitchy Spa Patron 780

Hannah plays a non-very-nice spa patron and Stefani plays a spa guide who has just the solution. She just accidentally takes Hannah to the wrong mud pit. After Hannah has been disposed of, however, it seems that Hannah's red wig is left behind on the surface as evidence. And its just out of reach. The rest is obvious

Baby Oil, Mud,and Fireworks_Elvira  782

Elvira gets a call from friends on July 4 about going to the fireworks. She declines as if she finds fireworks boring. The truth is she has plans for some fireworks of her own. Since everyone else will be at the fireworks she can have some fireworks of her own in her favorite mud pit. She has a very hot, night time wallow complete with wafting fog after coating herself with baby oil.

Hot Stuff at Wilson's Swamp 783

This very long scene starts with Dixie and Samantha already in the clay pit. Its a sort of Voyeurcam view as they enjoy themselves and the mud, finally ending as they crawl out. The fact that there is no lead-in story or footage supports the concept of this being a surreptitious view of a private, and very hot, duet wallow.

Natural trial_Nyxon 784

Nyxon has been accused of witchcraft but insists she is innocent. In her tribal way of life the only way to determine guilt for a crime involving the supernatural is a trial by nature. With her hands bound, she must stand on a platform on the surface of a pit of quickclay and let nature decide the truth. If she is still above the surface after one hour she is innocent. Needles to say here, although she protests her innocence, it would appear she was guilty.

Lucid Dream1_LiiLii 785

While driving down an unknown road, LiiLii is puzzled by wardrobe malfunctions whereby one breast and then the other becomes uncovered and then her top disappears altogether, then re-appears. When she realizes she is dreaming she stops the car and decides, as a test of the dreaming theory, that if she goes exactly fifty steps into the woods she will find a pit of quicksand. Sure enough the quicksand is right there at fifty steps so, having long since discarded the top, she gets in and has a pretty good time sinking, eventually all the way under.

The Church Lady  786

Samantha is late for church and is taking a shortcut across the forest when quicksand intervenes. She is horrified to get her dress dirty. But then she cannot help but be aroused by the mire. Will temptation win?

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