Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 47

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Rockelle's Muddy Webcam   781

Rockelle does her version of a webcam routine in the mud.

Saving the Moon  787

Every month when there is a full moon, a virgin tribal member must take her place on a sacrificial platform over a quicksand bog. If there is an eclipse she is sacrificed so as to save the moon. Its Brinke's turn but she is pretty confident. There IS an eclipse, however, and she is shoved in. The moon, of course, is saved.

Lucid Very Wet Dream  788

In this scorching-hot scene written by Stefani herself, Karma is drugged and lured to a quicksand pit by Stefani. Or is this all Karma's dream? Karma goes into the pit quite willingly, and removes what little she had on before being joined by Stefani. They then have a pretty good time, including aggressively pushing each other under.

Clay Madness 789

Stefani and Brittany find a mud pit and decide to play a game of Dare. The game evolves into a contest to see who can plunge in the deepest without going under, a contest that both lose.

Rescue Robyn  790

The scene is a spoof of the Robyn character. As the scene begins, LiiLii enjoys a wallow in her favorite peat bog, and is in no danger or distress whatsoever. Robyn sees her and completely overreacts, trying to rescue a damsel who does not need rescuing. Robyn manages to fall in, of course, and is eventually convinced by LiiLii that the bog is not dangerous and is, in fact, quite enjoyable. When LiiLii finally exists the pit, Robyn has no idea how to do so herself and displays considerable panic. Robyn is rescued by LiiLii.

PirateLand Execution_LiiLii 791

While visiting PsychicWorld JungleLand, LiiLii has wandered into the area known as PirateLand. She is promptly captured at swordpoint by the head pirate and his not too bright sidekick called Clem. She thinks it is a game as they take her to her execution by quicksand (they do not have a pirate plank because there is no ocean). Only neck deep does she realize they are not going to pull her out.

No One Goes Out on Rainy Nights_Hannah  792

Its going to be a rainy night but its warm. because no one would go out on such a night, Hannah can visit her favorite mud pit and not be bothered by passers-by. She does just that. Very hot.

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