Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 48

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Don't Mess With The Bog Flower   793

Dressed in a French maid outfit, Stefani arrives at the home of Mr fred to do some cleaning. She finds a note on the refridgerator door instructing her to cleanup down by the bog garden but to be very careful to not mess with the bog flower. She tries to comply but ends up falling into the bog anyway.

Drunk_Violetta  794

Violetta tries to walk home from a rural bar after getting much too drunk. There is, of course, a swamp with a quicksand pit in the way.

Gold in Heavy  795

Dixie and Crystal play a pair of thieves who find a treasure trove of gold coins, bars, and objects in a house they break in to. When the homeowner starts to arrive at the front door they flee out the back and try to cut across the forest to get back to their car. Their route is blocked by a swamp, which they try to get across but its deeper than they thought. MUCH deeper. And the gold in their burglar bag is very heavy.

Sink tease_Elizabeth 796

New quicksand actress Elizabeth does her interpretation of the sink (and strip) tease) in the clay.

Sorority Initiation  797

Alexia plays the leader of a sorority and Jordana plays a new pledge. For an initiation, Jordana is told she must take off her top and wallow in a mud pit. Jordana seems to be rather shy about the whole thing. Once in the mud, Jordana goads Alexia into getting in herself. Once Alexia is in, however, she reveals that she has been in the mud, this very pit in fact, many times before. In the end, Alexia has no idea how to get out, and goes under, while Jordana climbs out easily.

Boyfriend Gift 798

As this one starts out, Stefani and Fred are on the way to the clay pit at Studio 588. She has cone with the idea of making a scene for her boyfriend. [As an aside, this has actually happened several times.] After seeing the pit she wants to do the scene immediately, but Fred's cameras are back at the headquarters. He leaves her there with instructions to stay out of the pit until he returns with the gear. She waits a short while but, of course, goes in early. She has a good time for a while but then discovers she is stuck and sinking. She goes under. But then, she pops back up and it turns out that Fred was there all along.

Lost  799

This scene starts out with LiiLii lost in the woods, apparently lost. She is dressed in a white leotard and moccasins. She gets into and stuck in a peat bog, just shin deep at first but eventually to her neck with her hands down, stuck in the mud. She is able to get her hands free, however, and eventually escapes, but without the moccasins

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