Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 49

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Jungle Explorer   800

This scene starts with Hannah as a jungle explorer, trying to follow a map. She is dressed in traditional jungle explorer style including pith helmet. The maps leads her to blunder into a bog (peat). She sinks slowly but steadily, eventually going completely under. The helmet stays on as she submerges, also going under.

Robyn and the Riddler  801

The scene begins with Robyn attempting to follow a map leading to the Riddler's hideout. It leads her, instead, into a trap. The map leads to a spot marked by a question mark, which she discovers, when the Riddler suddenly appears and tells her to look down, to conceal a quicksand death trap. Since its the Riddler, of curse, he tells her that successfully getting the answers to three riddles will cause a rope to drop from above. She gets all three right, and the rope appears. But then the Riddler declares she cheated and both ends of the rope are loose. Her cape, however, turns out to be useful and she escapes.

Baby Oil and Mud_Persephone  802

This a very hot scene so stay seated with the heart medicine nearby while watching. Persephone arrives at her favorite peat bog on a hot, summer night. She rubs herself down with baby oil, removing her top in the process, and then climbs into the mud for an evening of muddy pleasure. The scene proceeds through a submergence, re-emergence, and eventual exit from the pit.

Sink Tease_Karma 803

This a very hot scene so stay seated with the heart medicine nearby while watching. New model Karma Ford does her interpretation of the sink tease. This is also one of the very few of our scenes to have been done fully nude.

Elvira's Muddy Webcam  804

Elvira performs her version of a webcam routine in a peat pit. The last part of the routine features a low-angle, shot as she crawls toward the camera to turn it off.

Raccoons in the Orchard805

Kindle has been plagued by raccoons raining her fruit orchid. She shoots at one of them but misses, then goes out after them with the gun. They lead her into a mud pit she did not know about.

Fireworks_Hannah  806

Hannah gets a phone call from a friend trying to get her to go to the fireworks but she declines. "Everyone goes to the fireworks on the 4th," she exclaims. She then heads out to her favorite mud pit for some fireworks of her own. Complete with sounds effects of actual fireworks in the background.

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