Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 5

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Lucid Dream1_Rachelle   (Rachelle Williams)  471

Rachelle is baffled by the wardrobe malfunctions that start happening as she drives along an unknown rural road. Eventually she realizes it is a dream and that she can control what happens.

Das Boots_Dixie  (Dixie Comet)  473

Dixie encounters a pair of very nice boots that appear to be stuck in a peat bog. She has to have those boots.

Daydream Fantasy_Holly   (Holly) 476

Holly is a quicksander who likes to go to a pit, put her feet in and daydream about quicksand. In her fantasy she sneaks up behind Sassy Sami and pushes her in, then gets rather turned on as Sami sinks. After Sami has gone under, however, the tables are turned.

Lucid Dream2_Hannah   (Hannah Perez)  457

At the office, and with her boss in the next room, Hannah begins having serious wardrobe malfunctions. The boss even walks in on her, but oddly fails to notice. Then she reads on one of her computer screens, "Do you know you are dreaming?" and things get better from that point. She goes into the boss's office, totally topless, to tell him he is an idiot and that she is taking the afternoon off. She heads to a mudpit where the scene improves dramatically for us.

Escape from Zeus   (Brittany and Katie) 468

Brittany and Katie are running away from Zeus but know they cannot hide forever so long as they are alive. They decide that quicksand is their only option.

Diabolical Deathtrap  (Stefani Jaymes) 470

Stefani is a superhero but has been knocked unconscious. When the wakes up she sees her gun and realizes it has been placed on the far side of a pit of quicksand as a trap. She wals around the pit but fails to notice, however, that there are actually two pits. When she gets to her gun there is a note telling her that there are a certain number of bullet and that if she shoots the right one of three cans on a nearby log, a rope will fall within her reach.

Angelique's Night Photo Shoot   (Angelique Kithos) 449

Angelique has come to Studio 588 for a night photo shoot on the quicksand theme. This is the video from that shoot.

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