Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 50

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Orange Bog Orchid_Jordana   807

Jordana encounter a rare and beautiful flower called the Bog Orchid while on a hike. She attempts to harvest the tare flower for her biology professor but the bog harvest her instead.

The Mating Pit  808

Three humanoid aliens beam down to a planet to seek out a mating pit. These aliens have three different genders although all appear as what we on Earth call female, and mating involves a series of maneuvers while deeply immersed in what we would call quicksand.

Muddy Justice_Savannah and Brittany  809

Raging jealousy causes Savannah to knock Brittani unconscious and then try to sink her in quicksand before she wakes up. She ties a cinder block to Brittani's foot and rolls her in. Unfortunately for Savannah she slips and falls in as Brittani wakes up. And unbeknownst to Savannah, the rope is fouled around her own leg. A fight ensues. Just as Savannah has nearly pushed Brittani under, the sinking brick reaches the point where it rapidly pulls her under. Brittani gloats briefly until she is similarly pulled under.

Drunk_Bailee 810

Bailee has gotten very drunk at a party and they have taken away her car keys, so she tries to walk home. Unfortunately for her there is a quicksand pit in the way. This scene will be noted for the particularly thick condition of the clay

Das Boots_Bob  811

Bob plays a hiker who discovers a pair of boots apparently stuck in a peat bog and just has to have them. The bog has her in the end.

Where Do Genies Go For Vacation 812

After 500 years serving her master, Genie is granted a vacation. She decides to go to the beach, but instead arrives at what she promptly recognizes as Studio 588. And there is a peat bog right in front of her. She goes right in, seeing that as even better than the beach.

TSink Tease_Alexia  813

Alexia does her version of the simultaneous strip tease and sink in the Studio 588 clay pit.

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