Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 51

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

A Dream   814

Stuck in an unhappy relationship, Brittany dozes off hoping to dream of something better. Dressed a very hot outfit, which eventually comes mostly off, she finds and takes advantage of a quickclay pit. Toward the end she is also "rescued." Given the rescue, its an open question whether this is really her dream or the viewer (rescuer). Written by Brittany herself.

Mudmaster 3 Bubblemaker  815

Stefani and Hannah have saved up for a long time and finally purchased an in-ground Mudmaster 3 deluxe mud pit, complete with fog machine, bubbles, and even frog noises and tonight they are trying it out for the first time. They don't really know how to properly use the remote control (I can't use mine for the TV either, can you?) so they don't quite know how the bubbles work. The bubbles ARE turned on, however and when one comes up in close proximity the result is a sudden loss of buoyancy. They find getting suddenly jerked down deeper, and under in some cases, to be both frightening and a turn-on. It all turns out fine in the end though.

Rite of Passage_Stormy  816

Stormy plays a member of a tribal society and reports to the medicine man to undergo the tribe's rite of passage. After rendering herself unconscious she will awaken in severe pain and facing am unknown life-threatening situation. When she awakens she is suspended by her wrists, stripped to the waist, and chest-deep in quickclay. In this version she does not survive the test.

Ditsy 817

LiiLii and Bob (Hex) think they are on the way to a special mud spa. They find a big pit of quick clay and get right in. They carry on totally oblivious to what is really happening except for a quick observation that they are getting shorter. This scene might serve to explain the meaning of the term ditsy.

Naked and Alone_Athena  818

Athena and BaileeJ (but BaileeJ only appears briefly at the beginning and plays the game in a different scene yet to be released) agree to play "Naked and Alone." To win they must survive for five days in the jungle naked and alone. Athena gets pretty thirsty and hungry. Finding a boggy area she tries to obtain potable water, then sees a frog and tries to catch it. She falls in, of course. She is frightened, at first, but then gets to like it once she stops sinking.

That's a Wrap 820

Based on an actual incident during the 2015 season, Karma, Athena, and Alix are climbing out of the clay pit after a scene when Fred's voice congratulates them on having finished a three-day shoot. The girls, however, have not had enough and promptly get back in for a pleasure sink. Very hot.

HippyDoing Pills  823

Natalie plays a hippy. While wandering around in the woods she takes some pills and way too many of them. And its a bad trip. Almost immediately she is beset by all sorts of terrors. She has an encounter with a snake, a giant centipede, an arrow missing her by inches, and then quicksand. In the quicksand she is further tormented by large bugs, and thunderclaps (in spite of it being a bright and clear day). She eventually goes under but its left to the viewer to decide if that really happened or if she is just hallucinating it. There really were some rather large bugs around during filming and Natalie really does not like large, flappy bugs.

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