Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 52

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Gumball Jungle Girl   821

LiiLii is exploring PsychicWorld JungleLand when she comes to the Bar and Grill. After greeting Fred, who is there all the time, she puts a quarter in the gumball machine and is immediately and unexpectedly transferred into the jungle. In the process her costume changes. In the jungle she is twice baffled when other people she meets greet her as "junglegirl." She then blunders into a bog. By the time she goes under she actually likes the mud although not in a sexual way, and she is still a bit baffled by what has happened

The Kidnap Game  822

The scene starts out with Stefani on the phone, making final arrangements for her own kidnapping. She is kidnapped and taken into the forest, then left tied to a tree while the kidnapper goes off to do something. She escapes, but leaves her top behind as a clue. The kidnapper fails to return and she becomes alarmed. Moving a bit fast in her alarm she blunders into a bog. She nearly goes under when the kidnapper arrives to her rescue.

Eros Cream  824

Just as Hannah goes to bed she tries a special skin cream. She applies it liberally before reading the instructions warning of the potential for inducement of dreaming when taken in overdose. The instructions don't mention the effect her dreaming can have on the viewer. Needless to say she has an intense and very erotic dream involving quicksand. Multiple submergences.

The Witty Twitch Curse part 1    825

Angelique works for a group that investigates and deals with incidents involving the supernatural. She is using a tracer to look for whatever is emitting powerful signals near where a number of people seem to have disappeared. The signals lead her to a mud puddle, so she gradually goes into it trying to find the source of the signals. She finds it, eventually, but has to do two submersions to do so. This scene will be noted as one in which the main character goes all the way under (temporarily) yet with neither fear not arousal as a response

How To Do A Quicksand Scene  826

Stefani, veteran of 9 seasons at Studio 588, gives us an instructional video on how to do a quicksand scene, providing her own illustrative demonstrations of certain aspects of a scene set-up, entries, in-mud action, and submergence. Oh, and while this may be an "instructional video", the instructor is topless throughout most of it.

Baby Oil and Mud_Elizabeth    827

Arriving at her favorite clay bog, Elizabeth strips to a bikini and begins oiling herself. The top comes off and more oil is applied. She then gets in and enjoys the mud in a private, erotic wallow, eventually allowing herself to sink under. She comes back out and exits the pit toward the camera.

Bikini Bog tease_Rachelle  828

Arriving at her favorite clay pit, Rachelle does a strip tease and sink. In this case, after she does a submergence she re-emerges and then crawls out toward a low-angle camera.

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