Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 53

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Bikini Bog tease_Brittany   819

Brittany does a very erotic topless sink in the clay pit. Not much dialogue but very hot.

Love potion Number 69  829

The scene starts out with Karma spiking Hannah's drink with a dose of love potion number 69. She then takes Hannah on a walk in the woods, which quickly degenerates to Karma more or less carrying or dragging Hannah as Hannah is increasingly affected by the drug. Karma takes Hannah to a clay pit, at which point she strips herself, and then Hannah, completely naked and they both go in. The rest of the scene is a very hot one as the two of them make out pretty heavily. The scene ends as they begin to crawl out.

Spa Business  830

The spa business run by Hannah and Monica is not doing well and they are searching for some new product to bring back the customers. On line, they find a story, complete with GPS coordinates, about a sort of magical mud spring with fountain of youth sort of properties for the skin. Its five hours away but they decide a road trip is in order. They find the spring and investigate. They are delighted with the Bentonite mud they find, seeing it as a potential gold mine. Until they realize they are stuck and sinking.

Bailee's Muddy Webcam 831

Bailee does a webcam routine in a pit of deep clay. She does not speak much to the audience, except mainly near the beginning and as she finishes, as she seems to be rather wrapped up in her own pleasure.

Initiation_Blair  832

To join the "Touchtone Club" Blair must go through an initiation test. She must stay overnight in the forest, topless the whole time. When the skeeters get bad she begins to move around and blunders into a pit of quicksand. Frightened and frustrated at first, she eventually figures out how to move around and crawls out. When the bugs return she gets back into the mud and has a good time until dawn.

Title The Massage Parlor   833

Athena and Alix run a massage parlor and Karma is a client, well let's say victim. Karma is given a drink while on the massage table and its spiked. The unconscious Karma is brought to a nearby quicksand pit and dumped in. When she does not sink right away, the perpetrators try to push her down but she wakes up instead. Karma eventually sinks while the other two find her plight highly arousing. Karma goes under but some of her hair remains visible. Trying to push this down, Athena manages to fall in, and then so does Alix trying to help Athena. Eventuallky the bog sucks down all three

Title  Das Boots_Madelline    834

While hikng, Madelline discovers an enticing pair of boots stuck in a peat bog. Trying to rescue them she enters the bog and is promptly stuck and sinking. The bog wins again.

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