Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 54

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Weed Buckets   835

Stefani and Samantha play a couple of rather heavy users of hallucinogenic drugs. When they run out of weed they try looking for more in the forest, where they have somehow come to believe that they will find it in buckets hidden up in the trees. Discovering what looks like a bucket on the ground on the far side of a muddy spot they head right to it, and the fact that the mud turns out o be very deep does not seem to bother them. Think of this scene as a sort of Cheech and Chong routine by Stef and Samantha.

Hot Tub Insanity machine   836

Samantha and LiiLii fall asleep while watching a movie about a hot tub that is a time machine (you know the one). In a shared dream they encounter a mud pit in the forest and conclude it is a time machine. In they go.

Gumball_Where is the Medicine Man?   837

About a year ago Stefani visited Psychic World JungleLand, found the bar and grill, put a quarter in the gumball machine, and then had an encounter with a medicine man in the jungle who sacrificed her to a bog. Now she has returned and wants to repeat the experience. The medicine man, however, does not seem to be around. She finds the bog and decides to sacrifice herself. When, just before going in, she expresses the thought that it would be even better if she was handcuffed, she suddenly IS. Very hot.

The Stalker_Angelique   838

While hiking, Angelique is being stalked and become aware of it. She encounters, and walks around, a peat bog. The stalker, however, is paying too much attention to her and blunders in. [We do not see or hear the stalker - the camera is the stalker.] As the stalker has become stuck and is sinking she returns to give him(?) a piece of her mind. She even disrobes to the waist and enters the bog herself. In the end she pushes the stalker under.

Real Estate Buyer's Agent_Jordana   839

Jordana is a buyer's agent for real estate and is examining a property for a client. Everything looks ideal until she discovers the wetland. Right after calling the client to advise aagainst purchase she falls in. She is terrified and disgusted as she sinks to her neck. Finally she begins a slow, chin-deep slog toward the edge and eventually gets out. She then calls her own agent and orders him to buy the property, for her, at any price.

Gumball Sacrifice   840

Bailee buys a gumball at the Psychic World JungleLand Bar and Grill and is immediately transported into an adventure in the jungle. She keeps encountering a medicine man who keeps thanking her for agreeing to come and be sacrificed. She eventually agrees to at least see what its all about and finds herself standing in a peat bog, almost naked, and with her hands bound. In this version of this scene she remains frightened to the end.

World's Strongest Carbonated Drink   841

Stefani is into making her own carbonated drinks. She mixes cold water, sugar, flavorings, and color and then carbonates the mix from a CO2 tank. When she tries the result, however, it tastes strange. She then reads the labels on the flavorings and realizes she has used quite a few drops of her room mate's cannabis oil. Feeling immediately unsteady she retreats to bed. We then get to watch her hallucination, which is a lengthy and very topless wallow in deep clay.

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