Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 55

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Rescue Robyn2   842

Apprentice, and hapless, Superhero Robyn attempts to make a quicksand rescue. The "victim, however, is in no need of rescue. Very funny scene.

High and Low  843

Hannah and Jordana have been doing far too much of something and it has made them rather paranoid as well as crazy. They flee from their car, thinking the FBI (or maybe its the KGB, or the CIA, or whatever) is after them. Now in the forest they discover a mudpit and in they go quite willingly. They don't get out however.

Voyeurcan Brittani and Rachelle  844

Brittani and Rachelle meet for their annual sink in their favorite mud pit. Very hot.

Das Boots_Alexia 845

While hiking, Alexia discovers a pair of boots stuck in a peat bog. She attempts to harvest the boots for herself but its the bog that harvests her.

Just for You  846

Angelique makes a video for her quicksandphile boyfriend.

Fireworks_Elizabeth    847

Elizabeth gets a call about going to the 4th of July fireworks but she begs off. "Everyone goes to the fireworks," she pleads. She says she is not feeling well but the truth is she is going to take advantage of the fact that everyone ELSE has gone to the fireworks to have some fireworks of her own. The rest of the scene is her own fireworks display in her favorite mud pit.

Tickled to a Bog  848

This somewhat avant-garde scene begins with Angelique being warned by Fred that there are bears in the area she plans to camp in. Being a no-good scoundrel, Fred tells her that bears are afraid of laughter, such as that she produces when he tickles her, and that the bear will leave her alone if she is tied up. She ties her hands together. [As I said, Fred is a no good scoundrel.] Hearing what she thinks is a bear, she reasons that she should take her short off, as it is red and bears will attack red. We all know its bulls that do that, although that is a myth as well. Anyway, she blunders into a pit of quicksand, where she is safe from the bear. Though not from the quicksand.

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